TRENDS FALL WINTER 2021 And 2022. What we are going to wear this season or that I am leaving I’m going to say that you are going to put your time, it is important to situate ourselves that fashion has changed the season has changed and I think that also the designers thinking that we are going to wear this season changed their vision.

How should I dress for winter 2021?

We are talking about and I also think that fashion has to being much more versatile is to say it should fit everyone they should not be fashions they are located in a season because now more than ever the economy is different and I think we have to pay attention to whether they are garments that speak of comfort and that they make us look good going comfortable is not fighting with Jerzy with looking elegant with dressing well.

I think we can find everything and well having clarified that we are going to the number that we are going to wear r we will talk about the most important thing and what we have already been using are the fabrics I believe that this season I will use many fabrics I believe that several trends that we are already loading from past seasons are subscribed to.


What is the launcher to the fabric how to raise the fabric how to go from head to toe dressed in knitting but looking good does not mean seeing us fachosa we talk about Lucius and how to have a set that looks cute that looks arranged and that we can use it at home so these sets of fabric we will be able to use them both at home and on the street as well as go to dinner as to give them.

What is the fashion trend for 2021?

That variety that we are all looking for when we invest in a piece we will see it a lot in dresses we will see it in sets in short pieces in long pieces as a lot of variety like So that we can all have something knitted I think it is one of the smartest purchases because we are going to see them a lot and I think they are very functional. to be able to transfer to 12 years three years and they are pieces.

Those are comfortable versatile and super functional we cannot forget in point two they are the vests are not going to go anywhere it is more we will have more and we will be able to See also in a way I think more homemade I think it is ideal if you know how to knit if you have someone who knows how to make these vests that look homemade and cute that is.



That the grandmother knits you or the mother those are the vests with ornaments with braids with all the arrangements that we can give to a vest and in all its variants short long solid if you want to go and look thinner and look a little chicer I think the idea is to wear it in a solid color and wear it for example in a Monochromatic look I am going to use fabrics also.

What Colours are in fashion for winter 2021?

A little thicker invests we also have to be careful because just as they can lengthen them they can make us look more square we have to be careful but do not worry about fit. After all, you are going to see them in all materials thinner woven and thicker woven and woven fabrics long-short ornaments and without ornaments, the idea of this is that you find the ideal garment for you.

I think part of my vision is to make trends and how You apply them in your day today, it is something real the parades teach exaggerated shoulder pads and you know these blazers that look a bit could say even galactic but I think the idea is that we still center the shoulders that there is still volume in our sleeves in our blazers and that we can see or notice that.

We are trying to accentuate the waist that is to say to make a kind of hourglass body with the accentuated waist and the volume on the shoulders part of femininity is how to teach that we have a very body female with a lot of curves that it is worth showing the curve and that is very important if we do not have the curve of course that we can do it with those little tricks of the ho Wrap-up and put the belt on this type of suits or blazers.

That look a lot have their counterpart that is also fashion is the UCI the oversize suit that is a little more relaxed as a gentleman in a suit that I am probably going to wear to the United States in the new york fashion week which is in two weeks and that I think you will be able to see a lot over there is to go out comfortable dressed in a suit is to return to work and in a much more casual way more comfortable without so many worries.

That is to say, you can choose between the two aspects to put on either of the two highlighting your figure and highlighting that relaxed aspect of wearing a very calm fashion to the street we continue talking about what the icon is it is clear you cannot see going anywhere obviously I think that behind it is that The garments.


That we have bought are not going to go to waste as they have gone to waste, designers also have to have a certain awareness that if we adopt a figure we also d It must be used for a few years and that the cot out continues to be seen this season we will see it very similar to last year but we will also see hidden necklines under a neck that is to say the turtle neck and suddenly the neckline in the bust.

Are cowl necks in Style 2021?

We will also see it in Tears that is, the honeycomb style, you already know with its tears that it tried to enter strongly last year but the stores still liked the job because it is not so easy to do it and well we also see a lot of totals, you already know standing in garments and in strategic places that show the figure that makes us look sensual and that give a design and a plus to the garment is like raising.

The garment to give it a higher degree of design and cut I think we all also have a kind of quota we use a blouse of a shoulder that could be a kind of bound out not so specific in one area but we can reuse things that we already have and that we can update if you wear that kind of blouses and a blazer on top we already have a small triangle on the shoulder.