The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion

The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion
The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion

Introduction Of The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion

The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion. We are cool because with jeans we feel good even though they are glued and that many people say that with glued denim it feels uncomfortable these are very light very thin and I try to stay a little bit dark to see myself a little thinner and clear above that is.

How to look thinner is to put the lower part dark

What they can suddenly do in tricks to look better or how to look thinner is to put the lower part dark and the upper part In clarito and I suddenly like the contrast that it makes but hey that is of taste and good hair I bring my curls that probably tomorrow you will also see because they are freshly made and surely they saw the tutorial on how to make and curls and if by when this one comes out.

They haven’t seen a video for them. I’ll put the link down here. Lay down a black bracelet that belongs to Hermes. Where is it but this must be from an accessory store that is also an eye and is an earring with a snatch I do not like many times to wear the same earrings and what I do is talking about the same topic hello good morning today is Tuesday and I am leaving traveling and wellness?

The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion
The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion

I have the outfit for you I bring a raincoat this gabardine is from china so kindly they sent it to me and I have a white blouse that well what I try to do is wear something comfortable obviously tennis because I have to go to 12 airports I bring a beige bag that combines in details with the bag, I’m going to zoom in a little bit so that you can see that that’s.

I wear something super basic such as a T-shirt

Where I do the combination and I try to put a pop of color, the pop of colors in the raincoat and I always try that if I wear something super basic such as a T-shirt I put a touch of color let’s say this in case I stay for example that it is hot or something so as not to see me so simple and so basic I put on this handkerchief that joins the raincoat to the blouse.

I think with is You outfit I am visible it will not lose and well it is what I take for the plane I am always very cold slow so I always take something warm and how it wants to rain well then make it a raincoat and well I carry a large bag also for the computer and That is the car and that today, good morning, well

I have an outfit of clothes that overlap, that is, I get good, I like to do that, I don’t feel like the world, but in my case to lengthen the figure that is a Tip that you can use you can put on garments. In this case, I don’t know if you remember the h & m dress that comes with a pair of pants and well, I bring the dress and below I bring side-erased pants.

I bring viscose pants that are like part color

That is within the tones the dress is not white It’s like and I bring viscose pants that are like part color and some tennis shoes I bring tennis because I am going to walk and I bring this checked bag and well the idea here is to lengthen the figure which you can do with On putting clothes that are the continues the line leaving the hair loose follows the same long line.

I bring a very small detail here and as I just returned from a trip I bring gold earrings the small detail here also of a necklace mentioned that it is from the market is gold an eye and Well the makeup is also simple I am going to go to the doctor I have some earrings and well this is the look today when you feel that the day is not so hot as the weather is changing.


How To Woman Dress And Invest In Fashion And Beauty The Best Guidance

What you can do is put on clothes and apart from that It looks more modern that is my obvious opinion it looks and it looks like we know more fashionable as we try to make a more created outfit and not so basic as if I had only left the dress then well I’m going to do it backward so that see more or less how the story could also make a monochrome outfit putting.

The pearl necklaces that gives it as between the tones

The corresponding pants but I like how to make changes and suddenly add other tones that are deeper and well this is the idea of the other you today has a style a little bit you can see that I bring a bag like a beach style but it has city elements like the part of the skin that is next to me Skin seems to me from a friend of mine all the links in the description box and well.

What I bring right now how much the blouse is a Sara blouse that has beautiful details such as the sleeves that give a super low look that has joined fabrics that have details and It is like a pale pink and I am joining it a little with details under such as handmade jewelry that is this necklace and a little the pearl necklaces that gives it as between the tones and something handmade complemented with the artisan-style bag.

That the handles also look handmade and have a pink touch that elevates the blouse later I have these jeans that are high shot they are even expensive they are from h & m a year or a year and a half ago before the pandemic and I complimented them with e These are shoes that are Wenger styles are super cute that look super cool the idea here is.

How to make these waves I put it on Beauty

That the pants do not reach the bottom and well it is a little trick that I always tell them for people who are not so tall that they can do it and The pants are somewhat flared from the bottom that also gives it this look, you know that pants that do not reach the bottom have this trend and well I have a hairstyle that I made of waves.

That surely you have already seen my video how to make these waves I put it on Beauty Tuesday and I also bring some earrings that are also like a mother-of-pearl shell, a dear friend that matches you already know with all the pearl elements as to what makeup is, I bring something like very pink I bring a lipstick to see minerals I also put on an irsa Laurent blush that.

The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion
The Weekly Best Fashion For Girls In 2021| Well Dress Fashion


I am going to show you what it is and I bring the truth is that I put a little bit of the blush on the top of what is the eyes something online not tr I have a lot of makeup and what else do I bring? I bring a brand mascara and that’s it. Hello, good morning. I’m going to adjust the camera a little bit, which is a bit close. Today is a cloudy day.

Bring a dress that I buy Sara

It defines the day but it is very sad that is why I put here I have my ring a little bit to give me light and well I decided to go super comfortable today I bring a dress that I buy Sara that I like a lot that is like I can tell you this is a muzzle is an ultra-thin cotton fabric, usually, which are soft Scott I bring details in a chain I am going to bring the details to give me a chain a little flower that.

A client gave me one of the first collaborations that I love they have their fins that I do not wear and a chain well that is in terms of what jewelry is and I bring these bracelets, some that are handmade and until he gave me a Pandora and I have this one that gave me one friend, if you see those balls, they are to put essential oils on them, suddenly you need one to calm down and well.

I am a lot of citrus fruits I like to read citrus fruits and they calm me and calm my stress they make me feel better good this is the dress is super vaporous perfect for the summer What I like is that it has a little sleeve and that makes it not so hot and since I have to walk a little, I bring it with low shoes that are quite old but they are so comfortable that I do not get rid of them apart because.

A makeup in pink tones

They are pink I use a bag before everyone knows it is the black folk of Louis Vuitton and what I do here they downloaded many times my computer I use it or as a travel bag or computer bag that I also have to make some earrings that I still do not know has put because if I would not bring the bag like that I still do not load it I do not charge it completely and well this is the look.

I put some brooches here next to a makeup in pink tones I’m going to get closer to this lipstick, it’s only good in the description box, but he determines byte the palette that I bring in my eyes is also to see me, it’s a combo that they sent me that showed them one day in a blog with a very natural look. one of I bought one an accessories boutique this is a constellation.

That gave me my friend’s bikes and here I bring three starts I have three starts and well the one that I always bring up here I think that when we go so light we go with a super adaptable look to any situation if it is work if we are going to go to a place like breakfast I think it is a very comfortable outfit for anything or to go to a meal too yes I would use it to be at home at ease but well this is already like the street idea but this is the look of today is Saturday and the weather is super dark rainy.

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