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Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal is a well-known figure in the television industry. Whether it was the largest or most contentious events ever produced, this guy has effortlessly graced the stage. Some of this man’s select works are Narcos and Game of Thrones. Readers who enjoy movies will recognize him from the film Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Fans of Narcos like his portrayal as a police officer. But how many readers are aware of his personal life, particularly his romantic interests? We already know everything there is to know about him.

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But initially, a few simple information will undoubtedly aid the lovely hunt.

Pedro Pascal: Quick Facts

Full Name Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal
Date of Birth 1975/04 /02
Nickname Pedro Pascal
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Chile
Ethnicity Hispanic
Age 45
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 5’11”
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Horoscope Aries
Net Worth $2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter


Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was born in Chile on April 2, 1975. Jose Balmaceda and Veronica Pascal are his parents’ names. Aside from that, the gifted guy has a younger sibling named Lucas. He is also really close with all of his family members at this moment.

Jose is of Chilean-American descent and of Hispanic descent. His astrological sign is Aries. He is enthusiastic, as the man’s feature says, and he exudes a pleasant atmosphere.

Body Measurements and Age

Jose is currently 45 years old. He measures 5’11” tall and weighs 75 kg. His lofty stature is bolstered by his smoky eyes, which have won him a slew of female admirers. Despite the fact that she is getting older, her allure is undeniably strong. Unfortunately, the primary media does not have access to essential body statistics.

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Pedro spends the most of his time at the gym, which helps him keep a healthy body. The man is well-served by his nutritious diet and rigorous fitness regimen. Dark brown eyes and hair of the same hue play a key function in completing the physical appearance. The squared jawline, broad nose, and dimpled grin are some of this major show actor’s distinguishing traits.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Pedro was born and raised in Chile, where he spent his youth with his family and siblings. Pascal had a strong interest in acting since he was a child, and he used to participate in school productions. The family had a lot of freedom, which allowed the man to pursue his dream of being an actor.

Pascal, on the other hand, went to Orange Country School of Arts and began taking acting courses there. The individual continued his studies at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts after finishing this section of his schooling. This relationship aided the individual in gaining a deeper understanding of his profession.


Pascal may be a well-known actor at this time, but things were not always the same for him. Pascal was passionate about swimming, but acting took over when he was just 11 years old, and there was no turning back for him.

Despite the numerous honors, Pascal’s dedication was evident from an early age. His acting career spans more than two decades, and he’s had a lot of fantastic roles along the way. In terms of movies, however, Hermanas was released in 2005 and was the first. His portrayal of Steve was well received by the crowd.

Sweet Little Lies, The Equalizer 2, The Great Wall, and Triple Frontier are among of the honorable mentions for the movie typeface. Readers may believe Pascal is a one-time actor, but this is not the case. Wonder Woman 1984 and We Can Be Heroes are still in the works for him.

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If his work in movies inspires readers, then you’ve seen the best of him. This is because television is a man’s playground. Good Vs. Evil made its debut in 1999 and ran until 2020. With ease, this individual has been a member of large enterprises. Some of these are Law & Order, Without a Trace, The Good Wife, Body of Proof, Red Window, Homeland, The Mentalist, and The Sixth Gun.

But there was undoubtedly certain outstanding ones that distinguished his abilities from those of others. There are a number of them, whether it’s Narcos, Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, or Exposed. Readers must have noticed and enjoyed his work on occasion. Pascal may also be seen in a music video in addition to movies and television shows. The film Fire Meets Gasoline is a good illustration of this. Giving Dishonored 2 a final polish in 2016 is a commendable achievement.

Nominations and Awards

Over two decades of contribution to the world of entertainment ensures that an individual is regarded as having overstepped their bounds, and Pascal is on the same periphery.

This artist has been nominated and honored for his outstanding work on shows such as Narcos and Game of Thrones. Pedro received the Drama Guest Actor award for Game of Thrones in 2014, and he was nominated for a number of other awards.

Honorable mentions include Imagen Foundation Awards, NewNowNext Awards, Online Film and Television Association, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. With each new endeavor, the award’s renown and affiliation will certainly grow, and readers will be kept informed.

Wife of Pedro Pascal

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure the female readers of this post are eager to learn about Pedro Pascal’s love life. Not one, not twice, but three times has the Narcos star been in a romance. Yes, you read that correctly.

Pedro has been in two relationships but is currently unattached. There’s good news for female enthusiasts who are single. Pascal’s first love interest is a co-star from his television show Law and Order. Maria Dizzia is her name, and we all know who she is. It all started in 1990 and lasted quite a while.

In 2014, Lena Headey returned to his life after a long absence. Lena, who plays Lena in Game of Thrones, has been pictured with Pedro on several occasions. This relationship was expected to last a long time by some of the most ardent Pascal supporters, but it did not.

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Finally, in the year 2015, Pedro was spotted with Robin Tunney. She was also a co-star in The Mentalist, which was surprising. This duo was rumored to be more than just a couple. The rumors come and go, and the two of them are no longer together. Pascal has put greater emphasis on his career now that it is right in front of him.

Pedro Pascal’s Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

If an actor is cast in a major series like Game of Thrones or Narcos, his or her net worth is guaranteed to rise. At this time, Pedro has also been on the outskirts. Pedro’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million by 2020.

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All of this is the product of hard effort as an actor. Some fans may not be aware of the fact that Pedro also performs sponsorships. He is a brand ambassador for Cartier and Loewe. With ease, Javier Pena collected a big sum of $166,667 for his part as Javier Pena in Narcos.

The essential statistics on the yearly income and assets possessed will be updated shortly, despite the fact that there is adequate information on the net worth. Whatever the situation may be, this actor certainly enjoys a rich lifestyle with his loved ones.

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Twitter431k followers