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Many of them are hesitant to get back to it after one loss. We’re all losing our hearts and paving the way for a new road. However, even after spending a few years behind bars, Charlie Shrem, one of the Bitcoin tycoons, didn’t accept the loss. Oh, it was like Charlie’s revival, because as soon as he got out, he was at work. He is enjoying his life happily with his wife now, and his entrepreneurship is still going well. This does not mean that Charlie suffered no leg-pulling: he was sued by Winklevoss twins in September 2018. So, today, let us take a look at Charlie Sherm’s contentious life.

Quick Facts about Charlie Shrem

Full Name: Charlie Shrem IV
Parent’s name: N/A
Age: 29 years old as of 2019
Date of Birth: November 25, 1989
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Years Active: 2009-present
Profession: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Courtney Warner
Education Brooklyn College
Children: No
Ethnicity: Syrian and Jewish mixed
Net Worth: $35 million
Nationality: American
Hair: Black
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Bio of Charlie Shrem from Wiki

Charlie Shrem, born on November 25, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York, grew in Brooklyn itself. He was born in a Syrian Jewish family and had to attain Yeshivah of Flatbush, a modern orthodox Jewish school in New York.

Then, in 2012, he went to Brooklyn College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from there.

Charlie Shrem’s Career

Like each of us, when he was a college senior, Charlie decided to make some spare cash and began trading in Bitcoin. The bitcoin operation, though, collapsed, and he lost all the bitcoin.

Charlie clashed with his mate, annoyed by this, and launched BitInstant, a more user-friendly business that paid customers a fee to buy and buy bitcoins at over 70,000 sites, offering temporary credit to speed up purchases.

Charlie developed his company from a loan from his mother, the investment of Roger Ver, an angel investor, and Winklevoss Capital Management. It couldn’t go for long, though, and served until July 2013.

Charlie Shrem - speaking about Bitcoin
Charlie Shrem – speaking

Charlie Shrem is also a board member, formerly a vice-chairman, of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Charlie has had to spend some time behind bars for two years in December 2014. He was arrested for assisting and facilitating the service of an unlicensed money-transmitting firm connected to the Silk Road marketplace.

He joined Jaxx as its director of business and community development after being released in June of 2016. Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet for multi-platform blockchains that helps users to monitor their digital properties.

Later in 2017, he also founded cryptocurrency advisory CrytolQ.

Charlie Shrem was sued by Winklevoss twins on September 2018 for $32 million with a claim that he had stolen thousands of bitcoin form them in 2012. As a result of this case, part of Charlie’s assets has been frozen. Also, an affidavit filed in the case speaks that $950,000 restitution requires in his 2014 conviction is yet to be paid.

Books and Films of Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem has also engaged himself in the art field in addition to being an entrepreneur. But he wasn’t really the author of the book, he was a part of them. For 2017. He was featured in Nathaniel Popper’s book,,  Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaire Trying to Reinvent Money.

He was also a part of a book by Brian Patrick Eha, How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance.

Speaking of his films, they are not commercial ones; they are Bitcoin-related documentaries. Charlie was in the 2014 documentary, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin and in 2016, Banking on Bitcoin


Charlie Shrem Net Worth

As of 2019, Charlie Shrem’s net worth is $45 million.


Charlie Shrem is one of the Bitcoin tycoons who, throughout his bitcoin lifetime, has acquired a considerable amount of fortune. Charlie, in addition to BitInstant, which was a really popular project, is still interested in other ventures.

He began Epiphany Design and Development, a company that repairs printers and computers when he was just in high school. Then he started a start-up, Daily Checkout, a daily sale website that sold reconstructed products while attending Brooklyn College. In 2009, it was back. However, it was purchased by BlueSwitch in 2012.

Charlie Sherm is also a co-owner of Manhattan bar EVR. The bar opened in 2013, and in the April of the same year, it became the first bar in New York to accept payment as a bitcoin as well.

Talking of his recent association, in November 2018, Charlie announced his partnership with Internet operating system Friend as an advisor.

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Charlie Shrem’s Wife: Courtney Warner

Waitress with cocktails. Who thought a client and a waitress would end up being together? But it has.


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Charlie and Courtney were struck by the romance quickly and began dating. Charlie went down on his knee sometime after, and Courtney suggested. The pair couldn’t last long, and soon the knot was tied, too. The couple is now happily living in Sarasota, Floria.

Speaking on who Courtney Warner is, yeah, she wants to hide something hidden from the public’s eye. She has barely destroyed any personal records. Courtney is, however, a commercial print model and an actress as well, as per recent reports. She’s also an avid user of Bitcoin and Steen.

The couple is actually basking in the love of their relationship and has no intention of growing their families any time soon.

Twitter and Instagram of Charlie Shrem

Our Bitcoin tycoon, Charlie Shrem is also present in social media: Twitter and Instagram. Looking at both of the accounts, though, Charlie seems to be more active on Twitter than on Instagram.


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