Net Worth, Address, Instagram, and Mom of All4tubekids

Read about All4tubekids, a charming family of vloggers that have enthralled the globe with their hilarious prank videos and ascension to YouTube fame.

It’s not every day that celebritio features a bunch of folks. An full family of YouTubers is featured in this article. This lovely family, collectively known as the All4tubekids, has retained a significant popularity with its bizarre niche films, which mainly feature pranks and deadly clowns. Yes, there are murderous clowns. If you want to learn more about this oddball group, keep reading. 

Quick Facts

Full Name All4tubekids
Real Names Roland, Brittany, Brianna and Katelynn Pellegrino
Birthdate December 18, 1971
Current Age 48 years old
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birth Place New Jersey
Current Residence United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian, Italian
Education Unverified
Height Unverified
Eye Color Blue
Marital Status Unverified
Relationship Status Single
Is All4tubekids Gay? There are no mentions of any of the All4tubekids being gay. 
Profession YouTubers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs
Net Worth Approx. US$ 2 Million
Social Media Presence Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
Instagram Page
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Films he has been in: None
Music  All4tubekids have not released any music
Parents Roland Pellegrino
Siblings Brianna, Brittany, Katelynn, 2 unnamed adopted childre

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What exactly is All4tubekids?

Roland Pellegrino and his three daughters Brittany, Brianna, and Katelynn run All4tubekids, a family vlog. Roland describes the channel as a “safe and fun place for parents and children from anywhere”. They mainly create family reality videos, safe family pranks, comedy videos for kids, skits, and challenges. In 2016, they had a breakthrough with a video called “Scary Killer Clown Found in the Woods – Girl Scared Running” The channel is now known as All4tube Vlogs.

The Beginnings of All4tubekids

Roland started the All4TubeKids channel while teaching in public schools and running his own internet company. He started a website called Alltube4kids a few months after launching Alltube4kids. While his YouTube channel features home footage of him and his children, the website appears to be a directory of talent agencies around the United States that may assist aspiring young actors in landing their first television roles. 

Dad of All4tubekids

Roland Pellegrino is a New Jersey native. In 1991, he relocated to Virginia. He likes giving back to his community by helping at his local church, youth organizations, and schools. Roland has been vlogging since 1997. He frequently appears in early videos as “The Italian Guy from New Jersey,” a character that is evocative of Italian mob lords in gangster movies. 

Prior to starting All4tubekids, he began publishing videos on Youtube through his UptoSpeedMedia channel, which he founded in July 2007. In his description for the channel, he says, “Just a busy single father working more than one job and still finding time making a video by myself with my camera… If you like car videos and content about Corvettes and consumer electronics then you found the right place. I create a variety of reality based videos sharing what I do at work or when I have time or money to go on vacation. I also share videos on healthy foods and exercising and keep you updated on my current health.”

Why is All4tubekids so well-known? 

The channel chronicles the single father’s daily life, as well as that of his children Brittany, Brianna, and Katelynn. Brittany is his oldest daughter, with Brianna and Katelynn following closely behind. Over 2.7 million people have subscribed to the channel. Their YouTube account includes reality videos, pranks, skits, and challenges, as well as more frightening stuff aimed towards an adult audience. The most popular videos are recordings of the channel’s youngsters swimming and films depicting a “killing clown.”

In November 2016, their video “Scary Killer Clown Found in the Woods – Girl Scared Running” became their breakout material, gaining them 1.1 million members. Justin Bieber appears in a few of the more popular videos on the All4TubeKids channel, albeit he does not appear in the videos. “Justin Bieber Crying While Singing Down to Earth on Stage in Cincinnati,” for example.

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Killer Clown videos on All4tubekids

In 2016, there were several reports of clown sightings in the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories. The sightings began in August 2016, with claims of encounters with persons dressed as demonic clowns in strange locations such as near forests and schools. In what turned out to be a marketing gimmick for a horror film, the initial sightings were recorded in Green Bay, Wisconsin. By mid-October 2016, there have been reports of clown sightings and assaults in practically every state in the United States, nine Canadian provinces and territories, and 18 other countries.

In October 2016, Alltube4kids produced a video titled “Scary Killer Clown Found in the Woods – Girl Scared Running.” Roland and his daughter Brianna are shown in the video searching the woods surrounding their property, where there had been claims of a clown sighting. They come upon an abandoned tree home and, finally, the clown, who leaps out of the grass and assaults them as they go through the woods. They fend off the clown and dash back to their home. Despite the fact that the whole video was faked, the family continues to post videos of the murderous clown disturbing the family in various ways.

What is the surname of the All4tubekids family?

While they appear to have avoided disclosing their surname in their videos and social media posts, previous recordings appear to reveal that their surname is Pellegrino. Pellegrino is an Italian surname that meaning “pilgrim” in English. Roland appears to be of Italian heritage, as he is from New Jersey, which has a large Italian-American population.

What happened to the mother of All4tubekids?

The family does not appear to discuss the mother’s situation. Roland last mentioned the family’s mother on his website in 2007, when he described himself as married, despite the fact that he is now a single father. 

What city does All4tubekids call home?

There is no mention of the All4tubekids’ present residence. Despite their celebrity as YouTube founders, the family maintains their personal life secret. Roland has addressed this, and as a result, he no longer displays footage of himself and his younger children. 

What is the Instagram account of All4tubekids?

Several Instagram profiles have been used by the family. The family’s ostensibly official Instagram account is @all4tubekids_. Brianna’s Instagram account is @_briannarosee_. Roland’s Instagram account is @devotedfamilydad.

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What is the net worth of All4tubekids? What is his source of income? 

With 2.72 million members, it’s safe to assume that the channel receives a diverse range of viewers for each video. We estimate their overall net worth to be about US$ 2 million because they monetise their films through advertisements and product placements. 

Estimated Net Worth in 2020 US$ 2 Million
How much did All4tubekids earn last year (2019)? US$ 2 Million
What are All4tubekids’s income sources? YouTube ads, product placements, businesses 
How much does All4tubekids earn from YouTube ads? US$ 1 Million
How much does All4tubekids earn from their businesses? US$ 1 Million

The home, possessions, and lifestyle of All4tubekids

The family is depicted in the films to reside in a spacious house with a vast agricultural area. Roland is also seen driving a Corvette and recently bought a Tesla Model 3.