MISTAKES THAT MAKE YOU LOOK A LITTLE ELEGANT. It looks bad when we have pants and we look rough we see that we are not taking care of our posture increases with the risk of having a dress for obvious reasons that I will not explain but we have I know that closing your legs girls I know.

How can I make myself look more elegant?

That many times they feel uncomfortable, many times they are more used to wearing pants but it takes away elegance, it takes away our posture, it takes away from us straight looking better and there is always that elegant point in the seam no matter the car but yes posture and attitude matter much more we have to respect the pieces that.

We are wearing and certain pieces that require more care than others, the dresses, the skirts, even the shorts, require much better posture than the pants. At this point I think it is vital we have all relaxed with the pandemic and with that we bring a mask to many places we decided not to make up we decided to go on covers I do not know but.

I have found people who tell me Daniela and me if even with masks It is true that we camouflage ourselves in a certain way but it is also true that we think that we do it more than it is I think that fixing ourselves even though we cannot see our face is for us we need to fix them we need to hydrate the skin we need put on some makeup they fixed the eyelashes.

How do you look short when elegant?

We need to comb our hair it is not that we do not see each other if we see each other we are not invisible apart from d And how do I tell you this is for us, it is to feel good as they say in the United States the famous point that gives you that you feel fixed that you feel good with yourself and I think that it will also motivate that you feel better if.

It is more productive than doing things in a more done way is how we do not stop how not to finish them and I think we have to start with us to be able to continue with the work and the extra obligations do not stop fixing your face do not stop combing you if you like to use For example an indelible lipstick like the one I bring.


I’m going to leave you some links here in the box of things that you can use makeup sealants so that the makeup does not move, do something, even if it is basic, it does not have to be makeup, you know I have a 5-minute makeup something that can work for you the parts with which you feel that you should highlight them but do not leave girls one of the most mistakes great things that I do and you here can tell me if you do it good because that is why I am putting it is to collect garters on my arm suddenly.

How can I look elegant and attractive?

I bring mine I bring my daughter’s with which she combs her in the morning with the I want to comb the one that I am not going to use the black one because I found it in the kitchen no girls the hair bands are not bracelets they subtract elegance this will still be camouflaged because it is transparent but an elegant blouse a cute here or with the ugly paper bracelet, well this is the one.

I’m using right now for fashion week that I’ll put the blogs and all the information on, but hey, we’re going to put this is a mistake, it subtracts elegance, it takes away a lot from the outfit because The cars are made of details, the details such as the accessories are as important as the parts as well as the bag, all those details are what we have to look at to see.



We see so girls stop doing this mistake that I make when I wash myself or immediately take it off because I say they are going to beat me, the haters are going to throw me over when they say you are the one who makes it clear that is why I am sharing them girls we have talked a lot about outfits of spring winter outfits I know that they see me from both sides.

How can I look elegant without looking boring?

Where we have the season turned and this point is very important I think we have to make those transition pieces to dress in spring but with winter or vice versa to see ourselves winter when it is hot or Bring a sandal in winter I think the order of the seasons does not work it is clear I know that there are countries where the seasons extend but in countries.

Where there is a very rigid brand or where there is a transition for that are the transition pieces in fact I made a video that has to do exactly with the theme that are the ideal transition pieces that are for life that they will be able to use to always see each other. regulated and has to do with autumn-winter 2021 fashion trends or with good fashion.

All these transition pieces help us to fit into the next season, that is, we will be able to use them in both transitions, and if you live in a country where the change is not so strong that they will serve to carry your winter or your spring-like being with some slight changes are pieces that you will be able to use all your life because in general these transition pieces are more basic and have to see.

What makes someone elegant?

A little with what they are going to cover you that they are not so heavy but they are not light either so I think they are smart investments they are smart purchases that you will be able to use seeing us according to the season something fundamental so as not to see us as inelegant or that We take away elegance they have never suddenly looked at the street.

When it is cold and suddenly we see people wearing shorts with sandals and we say that is an e The error of elegance is a mistake that takes away a lot of your presence that takes away your bearing that takes away your style We must stay in the seasons that our country marks us or ours We all want to return to this glamorous life and we have all lost I think a little of practice with what is the subject of heels and high shoes something that takes away a lot of elegance that detracts from our elegance is definitely when.


We drive or get on or ride as all countries would in heels that do not correspond to what We do two what we can handle some people do not give them heels and have to use something small because they feel that it falls or that we walk like a mosquito or that we walk ugly that we walk with a limp we have to go with heels that if we can handle yes We cannot handle them well, there are thousands, there are thousands of details of sizes and we can find one that we can also adapt to our lifestyle because.

How do you speak elegantly?

If we walk a lot, we cannot go with big heels and suddenly arrive limping or full of blisters to new cities or countries where many are walked, it is better to wear a heel a little lower that helps us to walk or make a change yourself if I They followed on instagram in new york is a city where it ends a lot I carried my tennis shoes in a bag and just when.

I had to use them to walk I put them on or when I had to use my heels I put them on before the event because because I’m not used to walking so much because it was going to hurt my feet and because the good heels are not ideal for walking in a city and less in New York for example so you have to adapt your shoes a lot to the lifestyle you do not have to detract from elegance but yes they subtract elegance if they do not look comfortable if they do not walk well if their feet are injured.