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HOW TO DRESS CLASSY | Fashion Tips. I went to the fashion week in new york to fashion week where we were seeing what was coming the year that causes spring-seeing anus and this is one of the colors that more than lilac when finding the orientation as an advance when a spectacular service has wool because it has little wool but it is enough to be warm and cozy so here in the difference are the buttons here.

What clothes make you look classy?

We have normal buttons and here we have much higher buttons that have shine and that make the sweater look much more the herald the price is 399 for those who do not know if they are half that if they are 400 it would be 20 euros 20 dollars more or less always beats in half 399 in half it would be 20 euros droid to make it more or less a little bit more.

I team up the difference of the dollar and the euro but very beautiful and very well achieved this is one of the garments of years as a result of this fashion of the vests that I think are a good investment and I think they are a good point because they can be worn with sleeveless sleeves underneath they look like they make timeless.


I think it is ab A good idea and well buy this one that is a medium closed neck vest if it is wide they have side openings ideal to use it on top of something or with simply a tank top that covers the part of the side and the truth is that it is spectacular that you can use it With the user they can use it they use with phytase clothes in the US they tell about.

How do you dress classy and elegant?

The concept of home clothes for when I say launcher know that it is home clothes but they can also use it on the street which is widely used now because They are looking for cracks that can be taken to the street, it is of an ideal medium length, also after a few days later I found this one that I loved for all of you who want to make it look like a dress.

If you are short it could be a dress I do not know I do not have it proven it may be that I do not love that a little short or they can use it on top of an oversize shirt they will look very elegant because it is the third layer they can use it on top of d For example, a dress on top of some leaves or they can be made and played with this type of garment. What is the joke?



Those are basic colors that can put it on top of a pattern and also the idea is the lengths the short is worth 399 m again they are 18 hours and this one that has, look at the difference of these that it has then you can take advantage of the closure if you want to remove a neck form below or if you want to show a color that is spectacular below this ballet 449 in 450 is the easy version of more or less Know.

How can I look rich and classy?

How much they cost if they already have pesos, euros, and dollars, because many girls from Spain see me many girls from the United States that suddenly the conversion is difficult in South America but well more or less and I usually ask for small or medium sizes, a good right this is extra small because it was very wide and this one because.

I don’t want it so loose if I use it on top of a dress it also has the armhole and the color is the same here and We are playing with the lengths. I am going to show you what I was thinking when I thought about buying the vest to combine it with this dress that is a 6-3 print and that looks very cute because this is a tone like light gray cement but.

It is a tone cold so I’m going to mount it with another cold tone that would be these blues is always linked we need to put something up or down right now in autumn I thought to combine it with one of the vests and use it with boots if it is cold but the escape is also very classic and I am going to be very cute the colors are very very well achieved if it is thin they could also use it as a kimono style with jeans and the price is 399 and I chose it in a small size it cannot be called these pants usually come the issue.

How do I look classy?

They are spectacular for football and esther and the price does not have to be at 305 I want you to see the light down flared touch and they stick together I think we can see them as If they were leggings that look a little more arranged because when they have the bell a little bit that allows them to cover the ball, the booty will bounce and it also makes it look as if.

It were a formal pants but that has no seams and this is also spectacular with any vests are very very wearable and I also saw them in a greenish color because I think they would suit everything now I looked for the same version in black and there was none and I went for these that are cheaper 299 in a medium size I asked for medium garlic so that.


I did not they were so glued and glued but don’t stop the fabric these are cheaper now I had my doubts because sometimes are not the best quality but you know nice here I said to see if they don’t skate with the quality it also has a light flared a little more informal because the texture is more informal but if we stay for example with fabrics although I just recorded a video where I put these with one of the vests fabrics looks beautiful it looks spectacular so I think it is going very well it looks.

How can I look more classy and attractive?

It looks pretty good here it is something a little more casual or shorter one of the blouses that caught my attention that I have not tried it on hopefully when the image comes out Here you can see if it looks good or not I assume it looks pretty and if not then for another type of body but this is the truth is that it is not thick but suddenly to raise the outfits or to wear jeans is a very wal Skinny and has a little bit of elastic styling and has the bib that is still very much in vogue in their baby style necks or bibs.

TThis cost 449 or 450 and 65 this type of blouses are seen a lot in the United States in stores in the United States. Right now that it was New York I realized that there was still a lot of the baby neck trend, it still looks a lot and also a little hidden as it is not the baby neck but if it is in the application very cute it is a half long that It is also your benefit if you want to use it or if you want to use it, remember that to make elegant outfits or more design, you have to see how we go down in the middle.