HOW TO CUT YOUR HAIR AT 50 YEARS OLD FASHION 2021. When we are 50 years old is that We do not know what to do with our hair we are at an age where suddenly we want to make changes suddenly we are already like the Cyclades with the hair and this video is to give you ideas about what you can use, for example in this first image.

Why you shouldn’t cut your hair after 50?

Show a medium pixie if you ever saw my 20-21 hair trends if not I’ll leave it to you later on a little card you will realize that the Pixi is coming a lot we have talked about it since December it seems to me that it was when I went up the video and we talked about why not have a much more practical cut they are being used a lot and we should not be afraid of them.

The medium Pixi is between long and short it is something much more accessible that is not so risky and if you look at some Divine reflections have like a marbling of various colors that they can do in any of the shades that suit them and the truth is that the model looks divine and if you look it also has a lot of texture per Don if ours lends us Bakker with a deluge but.


The idea is that they see that it is very textured and they can ask for it in their favorite salon I all these cuts I thank my great friend Antonio Solís who gave me all these ideas so that We are not going to err and what is mostly left to them at 50 when one wants to make a change and make it a change that favors them in second place we have Jennifer Aniston.

Should you cut your hair after 50?

Who looks gorgeous with medium hair, as we see, it has layers and this causes the effect of movement to see more volume if we have lost hair or if we are losing hair this makes it look like one with more hair with much more volume is seen in these golden tones that she brings if they see reflections in gold it makes their expression lines not marked so much.

That is to say that it does not look hard that it looks very harmonious that this is very important to cause not so much contrast so that it is not marked us n the lines of expression in this third cut girls is one of my favorites is a longboard if you notice it has a long front I like it a lot because it is to hide the double chin if you feel that you have a double chin or that.

You have to hide something of this good part It is ideal because apart from being heavy, it will give you a lot of weight, your hair will have a very straight line, very structured, it will hide many little things that we do not want to show and it will also style us, it will make us look much more elegant because I have always said that this cut is one of my favorites and I think.

Should you cut your hair shorter as you get older?

It is one of the most elegant to always see a woman with a cut in this style I say wow it looks very good surely there is someone who is watching me someone with an adventurous spirit someone who likes to look for new cuts who is not intimidated by the cuts or by the color that is why we are seeing the image of an android code that is.

A very young cut and if they see it and It is a little shorter in the lower part and it is for these girls who are not afraid to show the desire or to bring something more rocker something more youthful super youthful this cut and the truth is that it also makes very angles to the face they are going to Noticing the expressions a lot is like when we want to show the face.



It makes me great when we also want to show it with gray hair and they look at it, it knows great, it is seen within the youth age but with a very rock and adventurous touch for my friends who want volume who want textures well this is a textured cut that is to say, with a lot of twist that will cause a lot of volume as I always say, textured makes them look more hair and also looks very youthful and I think.

Does long hair make a woman look older or younger?

It also gives a very fresh appearance that There will be that this type of cuts are also very famous because they are neither so short nor so long and suddenly the 50- year-old woman feels very comfortable with her hair as a medium. so long and so short that they will ask what is indicated is not serious indicated or prescribed because it depends.

A lot on the style of each woman and preferences what I always say is that you have to have a cut you have to have changes you have to try and see although we feel comfortable with the style and I think it is worth exploring a little too and losing fear of it and stop feeling trapped in the same hairstyle of 40 years ago I think we can try new things and if.

We make a mistake it is not in this next example either I am going to give how they made a very abrupt change from something that looks tired that does not look current to a change where we are leaving a part of Canada where this double light to the front if you look at that face that I have always told you the Gray hair you have to take care of if you have not about gray hair I am not going to leave.

How do you cut an older woman’s hair?

It here because it is very important in the 50s we are debating I do not know if the gray hair that if not that if we continue pint that we are fed up with retouching every fifteen or three weeks and well there is a current of gray hair that is not always natural, but if leaving the gray hair clear, but as I say, the gray hair is cared for, the gray with its care so.

That it favors us and do not increase our age, there is a part that if it looks greenish because it gives users and if we have it well cared for, shiny beautiful that gives us light because it will favor us as well as see this change of a short hair as much more youthful without losing the age because we are using the counterweight can as well as in the one that taught them about.


The under code that was brought as very short this part there we are like leveling what is youthful but with the meat then that is when we balance and it is not that we want to appear to the daughter we are simply making a middle ground talking about the 2021 hair trends or what will be used in 2021 according to what the hair area is, I am showing them the pixie that you see both.

At what age should a woman stop wearing long hair?

The short pixie the pixie obviously with gray hair but you can do it in your color in the color you want but I want you to see how it looks fresh without fear that the face looks very thin it has some volume it has an asymmetrical part and also the part of the faded fringe on the side is also like the sensual part, always these fringes on the side seem to me that.

They are very attractive they make the woman very attractive because despite having very short hair always at hand he suddenly does this or does this, the fringe is very sensual, it has movement, it does not only let it be static but with movement. Well, in this case, we have Meg Ryan, who I think is one of the women who has evolved the most with her cuts.

Does hair grow after 50?

She has never stopped changing and I think 90% of the time she has hit the mark and looks spectacular as they say in the US this is a cut called chagui and it brings it very naturally with those curls I think it is also A cut that favors in the sense that it does not have as much maintenance as it makes it a little clear I always tell you girls.

You have to use products to style according to the cut it is very important to always ask the person who is cutting your hair if You need a product so that you can use it at home because then you come out with divine hair and at home you cannot replicate it or do something similar, you will tell me if I would not love to know here in the comments if it does not happen to you that you come out divine from the salon and when they get home they can’t comb it or they don’t know how to comb it, you always have to ask how it is a look that also makes me very funny.It’s inspired by a grind.