Introduction Of FASHION 2021 | FALL STYLE TRICKS

FASHION 2021 | FALL STYLE TRICKS.  I think they are also very important for this fall an autumn fashion hack is to incorporate a hat into your style the hat gives this one in mus Tone already know autumnal to this change of season and I think the hat is ideal is something that always comes and goes or rather never go the styles change is a great investment because.

What is the fashion trend for 2021?

It is always the same, it is this one from Allah a little wider or a little more or less wide than looks great depending on what you like but always in these champagne tones in these beige tones already You know in these shades that we see in nature now, they also work very well when we have a bad hair day like the one I bring today or the one that I bring very often that suddenly.

The humidity does not help us because for example there is autumn. After all, it is raining and the hat, apart from elevating the style, helps us not to see a badly dressed one to look elegant and covers those errors or that lack of hairstyle that can arise at the root of a bad hair day what an excellent type to wear autumn and it is something that we can all incorporate autumn dresses can be a little difficult to buy and difficult to apply.


Because suddenly we feel that they contain this trend below I do not know if it has been fixed Either you love boxwood and you don’t care or suddenly you say because these autumn dresses suddenly lack body or we can get sunk in the light dress that is part of the trend and we have to feel comfortable that clothes do not always have to be tight but on the other hand.

What is out of style for fall 2021?

We can always find when we are, for example, buying online or when we are physically in a store now that one cannot try everything yet, find dresses that have a belt or that have a fold or that have something under the bust, some detail can be pleated elastic ribbon whatever makes the dress have a little body now if the dress has nobody we can add a belt I have always told you that in autumn clothes that suddenly make us feel that it is a lot of fabric and there are People.

Who cares for me, for example, I don’t care, but there are people who tell me that I feel like they say, a sack of potatoes with the belt, put on a belt. And your outfit will change, a skirt and blouse will appear, it will give you a waist and you will feel much better if you do not like those oversize garments that we suddenly see in the fall with the arrival of flare jeans or white lake that.

They say in the United States that they are so-called that they are the ones with the straight wide leg to a little accompanied, you know all these that come wide because yes, the truth is that or you wear something super fitted a bodysuit so as not to see that too much like everything is too much We get lost in the fabric another way to be able to use lots.

Are cowl necks in Style 2021?

Because it is the perfect season to start using lots and undo the cap in or tucking in a little something from the sweater because not only lights and t-shirts make that effect sweater we also We can put in somewhere so that the outfit looks congruent and so that too much fabric is not seen if we keep or put a little of the sweater by very bulky or whatever.

It will give it a figure it will give us body and instead of seeing ourselves sunk in so much fabric we are going to look spectacular and we are going to know you already know as if we knew a lot about fashion that surely if you have already you are going to know many many things and those little details that change the outfit that You can do it with any sweater that you have the same with any pair of denim jeans that you have since they are one or a little wider cut and they are suddenly heavier.


I have seen on the street than with the entrance of these jeans and with the entry of these wide legs, people do not know well with what type of shoe to combine and the reality is that the best option is always always always to put a pointed shoe or ankle boot because in itself if the pants are too big and It drags it a bit and you do not wear something peaked and something.

That looks like it lengthens you can make you look small that it seats you the best way is to let it be if you are not very tall per axis As long as the pants reach flush with the booty, that is to say, the booty and that the booty is a shield to compensate for the part of the pants that are wide and the part that is very sharp with the shoe, this will make the legs lengthen that.

The fall of the trousers look much cleaner and that the style itself that looks full style looks elegant looks more stylish looks cooler and does not look so heavy and is not too heavy when we incorporate something into autumn and Suddenly we want to make outfits that look autumnal and far from talking about fashionable colors and what we have or what we like, the smartest way to do the easiest thing is to incorporate colors that have to do with these champagne reddish years these rusty colors you already know the colors that.


We would see in an autumn landscape you already know this orange color ocher that is the way autumn comes to clothes instead of putting on a color other than baby blue mint blue or any color that could be to be spring good to incorporate autumn colors make it have a harmony between the outfit and what we are living that is to say that almost and so we can see the sky more autumnal as I have always told you.

What jeans will be in style 2021?

The management of color is the management of style and knowing when and how we combine it and if you are not sure how to acquire that autumn vibe, do it through color it can be something calm here and suddenly an autumn scarf or some neutral and suddenly some color of champagne or a beyoncé sweater a rusty reddish sweater If you know these types of moss green colors.

That looks ideal in autumn and that work perfectly with nature, that is why when you take a photograph for example in a good autumn environment you have to have these colors so that it is as part of the landscape and that do not take off when we talk about shoes I think the most important fashion hack of the fall is not to forget about the booty because.

I think you can use it if you are high if you are short if you are the dog if you are chubby if you are skinny whatever you are going to be spectacular and I think it is the first shoe that every woman should have in her wardrobe because we can also convert it to something multifunctional we can use it with dresses eyes we can use it with jeans with pants with dress pants we can make very varied outfits simply with the ankle boots what are my suggestion and pink, 1 coffee, in this case, I really like the ones with texture, it can be something More cowboy style and a more elegant office style