Christine Ouzounian’s bio, net worth in 2020, fiancée, age, cheating, scandal, and offer of a pornographic role


Christine Ouzounian, who is she? Continue reading to learn more about the gorgeous and stunning nanny who is supposedly to blame for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce. 


Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation in 2015, just days before their 10th wedding anniversary. The reason for the breakup was not immediately revealed, although there were several claims of adultery. Christine Ouzounian, the couple’s newly sacked nanny, was at the center of the divorce drama at the time.

From relative obscurity, the California native was pushed into the spotlight, and she appeared to be savoring her newfound celebrity.


Full Name Christine Ouzounian
Age 33 yo
Date of Birth 01 April 1987
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California 
Height 5’7 (173 cm)
Weight 55 kg (122 lbs)
Ethnicity Caucasian (Armenian-American)
Lives in California 
Hair Color Blonde
Eye color Dark brown
Profession Celebrity nanny, real estate agent
Education Arizona State University (Communications)

Santa Monica High School (2005)


Relationship status unknown

Debra Ouzounian


Caty Ouzounian

Zodiac Sign  Aries
Total Net worth $600K
Hobbies Travelling
Social media Presence

Trivia Her parents are also Arizona State University alumni.

What Does a Celebrity Nanny Get Paid?  

According to an article, while being a nanny is not on the list of high-paying occupations, those who work for the super wealthy can earn at least $100K per year. Unwavering patience, great adaptability, steadfast determination, and unwavering sacrifice are among the skills required. Employees of the affluent and famous should be prepared for everything, according to Katie Provinziano, managing director of the California-based business Westside Nannies.

Personal Life of Christine Ouzounian 

She was a member of the Delta Gamma chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority and graduated from Arizona State University with a communications degree. She also studied in Florence, Italy for a period of time.

She was engaged to a classmate at Arizona State University, but the relationship was called off once she discovered her boyfriend had drug issues.

She used to be a teacher at Head Start Academy in the Bahamas, according to her now-deleted LinkedIn page, where she worked for two years until quitting in December 2013. Prior to working as a nanny, she worked as a concierge at the upscale Four Seasons Hotel and as a sales intern at Prudential California Realty.

Christine used to work for Ben Affleck’s co-star in the 2014 psychological thriller Gone Girl, actor Neil Patrick Harris. She has a twin sister named Caty, and they both work in the same field.

Ben Affleck's former nanny Christine Ouzounian heads for shopping spree after showing off new Lexus' - Irish Mirror Online

Christine Ouzounian is a well-known celebrity nanny.

It’s unclear when Ouzounian began working for the Afflecks, but according to US Weekly, she was recruited in April 2015 to watch after Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel during the couple’s trial separation.

Ouzounian worked with actor Neil Patrick Harris and his spouse David Burtka in the early part of 2014, watching after their twins, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott, at their New York City residence. Christine was recommended by her twin sister, Caty, who had worked as Harper and Gideon’s nanny since 2012 but no longer wanted to reside in Manhattan.

Christine was discovered by the Daredevil actors while working at an undisclosed high-end Beverly Hills nanny service.

What was Ben’s first impression of her

Ouzounian left her job at Harris & Burtka in Manhattan in 2015 to move to the Bahamas and live with her then-fiancé, Christopher Albury, a local fisherman. Christine formerly lived in the Bahamas and worked as a teacher from 2011 to 2013.

In contrast, Affleck has a house in Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club.

The two met here, according to sources, when The Accountant actor brought his children here during a trial separation from the Peppermint star.

Divorce rumors began to circulate in May 2015, after Affleck and Garner were photographed alone on many occasions. They were said to have spent the actress’ birthday, April 17, separately.

What Was the Origin of the Relationship?

In the midst of the allegations, the Affleck family traveled to the Bahamas, accompanied by Ouzounian, on June 22. The couple allegedly arranged the trip to protect their children from the media circus that would follow their divorce announcement.

Christine had planned to spend time with her Bahamas-based fiance, so Ben and Jen decided to take her with them. Things did not go as planned, as Ouzounian’s fiancé unexpectedly broke up with her during the vacation, which perplexed their close friends. There were reports that Affleck had seduced the nanny in the bathtub at one point.

Naughty nanny Christine Ouzounian has become a 'big problem' for Ben Affleck, who still denies he's had sex with her - New York Daily News

Affleck Goes on a Trip With Ouzounian  

Affleck flew to Las Vegas with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a few days later, on June 27. Both Affleck and Brady are poker fans, and they planned to play at The Venetian.

However, on the way back to Los Angeles in a private plane, Ouzounian joined the two. Affleck kept her presence hidden, which enraged Garner, who was left to care for their children in Atlanta.

Supermodel Ouzounian Angers 

Christine Ouzounian was photographed wearing Brady’s Super Bowl rings months later, in August 2015. Brady’s wife, supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Gisele Bundchen, was allegedly so angered by the photographs that she vowed to divorce the famed sportsman. They were able to preserve their marriage, unlike Affleck and Garner. 

Ben Affleck was caught in the act of cheating. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner confirmed their divorce on June 30, 2015.

Their nanny Christine Ouzounian was dismissed a day later, prompting many to assume that the decision was taken after Garner discovered Affleck cheating on her with their nanny.

Jennifer Garner 'CONFIRMS Ben Affleck's affair with nanny' as she opens up about painful split - Mirror Online

Jennifer Garner learned via Christine’s friend that her husband had slept with the nanny in the Bahamas, which is why she was sacked. Christine’s fiancee broke up with her because of this, according to friends.  

15 Minutes of Fame for Christine Ouzounian

Christine allegedly utilized the suspicions of adultery to her advantage when she was dismissed and the rumors of cheating appeared, and she allegedly tipped off the paparazzi so she could be caught with Affleck. Affleck was irritated by the images, and the relationship terminated as a result.

Affleck has categorically refuted the charges of infidelity.

Christine Ouzounian’s $1 million offer for a pornographic role

Christine Ouzounian was reportedly offered $ 1 million to play the lead in a spoof Batwoman part in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in which Ben Affleck played the caped crusader. According to the story, porn parody producer and director Axel Braun offered the part, which required the nanny to labor for two weeks and appear in three sex scenes.

Ouzoiunian was apparently looking for a Hollywood agent who could put her in high-profile reality TV series like The Bachelorette or Dancing With The Stars when she received the offer.

christine ouzounian | SHEmazing!

What happened to Christine Ouzounian? 

Ouzounian returned to the Bahamas to reconcile with her ex-fiance a few months after the Ben- Jen divorce controversy. It’s unknown if the two have restarted their romance permanently. Her social media profiles are secret, and she hasn’t posted on Facebook since the uproar.

She was apparently planning to publish a memoir in 2015, but an agreement she signed before starting as a nanny for Affleck and Garner’s children barred her from doing so.

Ouzounian has been working in the insurance sector since 2018, following a disastrous Hollywood audition. She has returned to Los Angeles to work as a national sales professional in the real estate investment industry.

Christine Ouzounian’s net worth is unknown.

Estimated Net Worth 2020 $600K
How Much Did Christine Ouzounian  Earn Last year? $200K
What is Christine Ouzounian’s   Income Source? Work
How Much Does Christine Ouzounian  Earn from Her Work? $100K/year

Ben Affleck allegedly paid Ouzounian an undisclosed sum of hush money during the height of the infidelity controversy. While Affleck’s team has categorically refuted the allegations, tabloids have stated that few people have seen the couple together.

Ouzounian was photographed in her new $43K white Lexus by paparazzi. She was supposedly staying at the $1-2K per night Bel Air Hotel, where she encountered Affleck on many occasions, according to Entertainment Tonight.

According to reports, Ouzounian has a high-end taste, since she was seen dining with two pals at Beverly Hills’ pricy Il Pastaio. She was seen entering Sears Optical in Santa Monica the next day, indicating that she is back with her mother. She parked far away from the mall entrance, as though she desired attention.

These luxury could not have been afforded by a famous nanny.

The Ben Affleck Scandal Won't Quit: Is This the Nanny's Revenge? - E! Online - CA

Affleck and Garner Have Moved On From Their Split

In an interview, the Argo star admits to having alcohol problems, which led to marital conflicts with Garner. The divorce was finalized in 2018, and Affleck confesses it was the worst mistake of his life.

Garner has moved on with John Miller, a businessman who is simultaneously finalizing his divorce from concert violinist Caroline Campbell.

Garner was seen transporting Affleck to a treatment center, indicating that the divorced couple is still friendly.

The Oscar-winning actor, director, and producer, who was photographed with 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton while still romantically connected with TV producer Lindsay Shoockus, has been accused of cheating again. As of this writing, the lothario is dating actress Ana de Armas.