Charlotte Summers: The 13-Year-Old Girl Who Astounded Everyone on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent

Charlotte Summers

The new season of America’s Got Talent is bringing more and more brilliant artists to the show. The AGt had a blast on stage recently when a thirteen-year-old girl with a beautiful voice emerged.

Do you recognize this little girl? Have you seen her audition video on either NBC or YouTube? If you don’t want us to assist you learn more about her, don’t allow us.

Season 14 of America’s Got Talent

Charlotte Summers is just 13 years old, yet her voice will make you stunned. Charlotte auditioned on the third episode of American Idol. She auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2019 with ‘I Put A Spell On You,’ which wowed both the judges and the crowd.

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Summers was born in Marbella, Spain, and is a Spaniard. Charlotte was in love with one of the AGT judges, none other than Simon Cowell, before the audition when Simon asked her what she would do if she won a million dollars.

If she won, Charlotte said she’d buy a guinea pig and call it Simon Cowell. Summers went on to acquire another one for her sister, whom she named Howie.

Summers was worried before her performance, but once she started singing, there was no stopping her. It’s difficult to picture the 13-year-old voice that mature and strong at the time.

She received a standing ovation from both the crowd and the judges, and the Golden Buzzer was used to advance her to the next round. Following that, the audience couldn’t help but cheer for the younger sister.

The little singer has an incredibly great voice, according to one Twitter user, and it’s hard to believe she’s just 13.

After witnessing her impeccable performance, fans on Twitter couldn’t help but convey their love and support to the young singer. Another fan wrote, “She gave me the chills as soon as she started singing! ♩ I Put a spell on you!!!!! Way to go Charlotte!!!!!”

Moreover, a fan said, “Omg, she has a grown woman voice, sounds like she’s been singing for decades.”

Other Television Programs

Summers has previously competed in singing competitions such as La Voz Kids Spain, Big Talent, and Eurokids International. A video of her performing Leonard Cohen and Alexandra Burke’s Hallelujah went popular on the internet and received a lot of likes and comments.

The song Hallelujah was first published in 1984, but it gained popularity when Jeff Buckley included it on his album 1194. In addition to her singing career, she has also dabbled in acting. She played Fantine in the Broadway version of Les Miserables.

The Internet and Social Media

Charlotte Summers is an America’s Got Talent 2019 contender who is also active on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. She has over 64k Instagram followers, where she publishes music videos and gorgeous photos of herself.

Charlotte Summers’ Little-Known Facts:

  • Charlotte Summers was born on November 15, 2005, in Marbella Spain.
  • Her father name is Simon. She has an older sister.
  • She plays the piano and is bilingual.
  • Charlotte’s birth sign is Scorpio.
  • She and Maria Parrado participated on La Voz Kids in the year 2105.

NBC broadcasts ‘America’s Got Talent’ every Tuesday night. For additional information, check your local listings.