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Garrett Adelstein

Garrett Adelstein, a professional poker player, makes a lot of money. After Survivor: Cagayan, what has he been up to? To learn more, read this article.


Garrett Adelstein is undoubtedly recognized to the millions of frequent poker players both within and outside the United States.

Adelstein, a native of Tucson, Arizona, is a professional poker player from the United States.

Cash games with no limit hold’em in real time. Adelstein is known for his abrasiveness at the “table,” but he isn’t hesitant to take risks in the face of high-stakes wagers, which has earned him the admiration of poker aficionados all around the world.

He began coaching neophytes at Phil Galfond’s poker academy in 2014, the same year he made his CBS debut on Survivor: Cagayan’s 28th season. Being a professional poker player, on the other hand, didn’t help him come up with a winning strategy, since he was the second player to be eliminated.


Full Name Garrett Adelstein
Professional Name GMan
Age 33 yo
Ethnicity Caucasian
Nationality American 
Date of Birth 16 May 1986
Place of Birth Tucson, Arizona
Lives in Santa Monica, California
Mother Renee Adelstein
Siblings Rachael and Shayna
Hair Color Black
Eye Color  Dark Brown
Education University of Arizona (Entrepreneurship and Marketing)

Mountain View High School 

Awards Graduated Summa cum Laude

High School Valedictorian

Profession Pro Poker Player, Reality TV Star
Orientation Straight
Hobbies Bodybuilding, alcohol, psychology and cinema
Net worth $ 1M- $2M (approx)
Role models None
Zodiac sign Taurus
Social media presence

Garrett Adelstein Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth  $1M-$2M
How Much Did Garrett Earn Last year? $1M
What are Garrett’s Income Sources? Appearance at online poker games and pot winnings

Online poker coaching

How Much Does Garrett Earn from Poker? Winnings in WSOP and other games- $1M

Coaching work- $10K

Appearances on Live at the Bike and Poker After Dark )- $10K

Adelstein used to build a content plan for the $29.99-per-month DeucesCracked website. He went on to become one of Runitonce’s coaches, and according to his bio, he charges $425 per hour of instruction.

According to his Hendon page, Adelstein has earned approximately $171,894 in live poker events as of early 2018, with the most recent cash-in being the $10K no-limit hold’em game.

Adelstein has been a regular feature in Live at the Bike, which arranges and streams live poker tournaments, but it’s unknown how much he’s earned since 2018. He earned $147,500 in the second half of 2018, one of the greatest rewards in the competition’s history.

According to an ESPN story, the average annual earnings of a few semi-retired poker players playing small limit games range from $20,000 to $30,000. The typical annual income of those who make a livelihood playing poker games is $50K-$100K, which is certainly Adelstein’s range.

Player Bio - Garrett Adelstein - Live at the Bike!

What do you think he spends his money on?

Garrett gave a five-star evaluation of realtor Jennifer Stutland on her Facebook account in 2017, indicating that he acquired a high-value house in Los Angeles. 

Garrett Adelstein Education

Garrett was born and reared in the Arizona city of Tucson. He beat out 500 other students to become the batch valedictorian at Mountain View High School in high school. His outstanding academic success continued at The University of Arizona, where he double-majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship and graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors.

Garrett Adelstein’s Girlfriend and Personal Life

Renee, Garrett’s mother, is a former nurse. Shayna and Rachael are his two sisters, the latter of whom is the principal of Caliber: Changemakers Academy. Garrett is private about his personal life, which makes determining his current relationship status tough. He doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend, and it’s unclear whether he’s seeing anyone.

Garrett Adelstein | Survivor US - Network Ten

Is Garrett Adelstein a homosexual?

Garrett’s sexual orientation is also difficult to learn about. But he appears to be straight, mentioning in an interview that he joined Survivor to “win enough money to impress girls in L.A”. He also jested in a separate interview that he is “in love” with former Survivor contestant Kim Spradlin.  

Friends of Garrett Adelstein

Garrett considers Jason Senti, the winner of the $1.3 million pot prize at the 2010 World Series of Poker, and Phil Galfond, the owner of a poker academy where Garett was an instructor, to be professional friends. 

He said though, that most of his close friends aren’t really poker players. “I think sometimes the poker world can lose a bit of touch with reality. My real-life friends keep me grounded.” Garrett said in an interview

How did Garrett get into Poker?  

In a 2014 interview, he revealed that he first became interested in poker when he was in high school. He recalls a 2003 ESPN feature on Chris Moneymaker’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) victory. Moneymaker rose from obscurity to poker superstardom after winning the $2.5 million prize. Garrett began watching Poker After Dark every day when he was 18 years old, in 2004, as a result of the “Moneymaker effect.”

According to the Run It Once website, he began playing high stakes short handed cash games professionally the following year. Garrett eventually transitioned to heads-up play and, later, to live cash games.

Live Poker Tournaments by Garrett Adelstein

Garrett began making frequent appearances on live poker games in 2017, including Live at the Bike, which takes place at The Bicycle Hotel & Casino in California, and the remake of Poker After Dark, which he used to watch every day as a teenager.

In the November 2017 episode of Poker After Dark, he coolered poker player Matt Berkey for $459,000.

They both went all-in, but neither of them came out on top. Adelstein reappeared in the Poker After Dark episode Dead Money for a second time.

Garrett Adelstein in Online Poker History   

In 2019, a $1 million pot was raised in a Live at the Bike poker game, making it the largest in online poker history. The game featured seven players, including Adelstein and Berkey, as well as “Prahlad Friedman, a fixture of ESPN’s poker coverage in the 2000s; Art Papazyan, the reigning World Poker Tour player of the year; Nick Vertucci, an Orange County real estate investor who played frequently on the stream; Andy Tsai, another regular; and Ralph Wong, a former basketball analyst turned cryptocurrency investor,” according to the Los Angeles Times.


Garrett Adelstein and Doug Polk tiff

Doug Polk, a professional poker player, took to social media to express his disappointment with the other players who, he said, had canceled their participation on the “Live at the Bike” broadcast at the last minute. The game began as a no-limit hold’em cash game with a $500 big-blind ante and a $100/$200/$400 buy-in. The game structure was altered to a PLO variant with lesser stakes when a few players failed to show up.

The first big change you’ll notice while playing PLO poker instead of hold’em is that each player is given exactly four hole cards instead of two, according to Players, on the other hand, do not create a hand with all four hole cards since they can only employ two of them.

Garrett Adelstein, one of the “no-show” players, denied bailing out and explained why he couldn’t make it in a Twitter debate. Polk, who has a YouTube channel, defused the situation by expressing his understanding. Polk has subsequently evaluated other online poker games and interviewed Adelstein, so the two aren’t enemies.

Joe Ingram Interview with Garrett Adelstein

There have been no significant controversies involving the poker pro. While little is known about Adelstein’s personal life, he spoke openly about his despair on Joe Ingram’s podcast.

Adelstein admitted that he had struggled with depression for a long time, and that he battled it until he was in his 30s. When he was depressed, he said he wouldn’t get out of bed for weeks, if not months.

According to him, the majority of sad individuals are perfectionists and overachievers.

He has, however, made some big mental adjustments for his own good in recent years. Garrett credits his therapist for teaching him about emotional resilience and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has helped him improve his mental health.

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Survivor’s Garrett Adelstein

Garrett was reportedly chosen despite not applying for the 28th season of Survivor. He said that he joined for self-improvement and to win enough money to impress the ladies of Los Angeles.

He observed and researched the game methods of numerous top rivals over multiple seasons to prepare.

He saw a Hidden Immunity Idol but elected not to bring it to Tribal Council, where he was finally voted off the island. He was a member of the Brains tribe (the others being Brawn and Beauty). He was the second poker player to come on the show following Jean-Robert Bellande, and he was the second person sent home for the season.

In an interview, he said his stint was “embarrassing in a lot of different ways”. 

Despite Boston Rob’s three appearances on the game, he chose Kim Spradlin as the best Survivor participant for conquering season 22.   

What is Garrett Adelstein doing these days?

Garrett’s Facebook page shows that he is a philanthropist, as seen by his participation in the Big Brother, Big Sister Foundation and his matching of the non-$7.6K profit’s contribution drive. He also started a fundraising website for the charity, which has raised $16,000 as of this writing.