Bio, Net Worth 2020, Wave Check, Real Name, Wolfing, and Hair Texture of Sir Cruse

Find out the answers to Sir Cruse’s most perplexing queries. What products does he use on his hair? Is his hair wavy or straight by nature? Now is the time to read.


Sir Cruse’s goal of giving viewers a vivid sense of the 360-waver lifestyle is contradicted by his nonsensical opening blabs.

The curls were great. Sir Cruse began posting videos in 2009, largely of himself giggling and flexing his biceps. He shifted gears in 2012 and refocused on a different portion of his body: his wavy hair. Cruse subsequently began releasing videos such as “How to Brush 360 Waves Guide” and “Wave Products and Haircutting Tools,” among others. He began pushing the wacky coiffure as his subscription base grew, igniting a fad in the ripple-like haircut among men and women.

Sir Cruse, who is he?

Sir Cruse, a YouTube vlogger and 360 wave guru, was born William Cruse Jr. in Chicago, Illinois, to William Sr. and Valerie Cruse. Terrance, his younger brother, is his only sibling.

Cruse Jr. went to DeVry University to study computer engineering, but instead opted to offer videos on how to create the greatest 360 curls and promote hair products.


Full Name William Cruse, Jr.
Stage Name Sir Cruse
Famous For 360 waves tutorial and wave checks on YouTube
Age 28yo
Date of Birth November 9,1991
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Mother  Valerie
Father  William Sr. 
Sibling Terrance
Height 5’8 ft
Weight 65kg
Ethnicity African American
Nationality  American
Lives in Chicago, Illinois
Hair Color Black
Eye color Light brown
Profession YouTuber, hair stylist
Education Devry University  (Computer Engineering) 2010
Relationship Status Dating Jazzy Glimmer
Zodiac Sign  Scorpio
Total Net worth $300K
Social Media  YouTube-




Email- [email protected]


Associated with  360Jeezy, Jazzy Glimmer


Hobbies Bodybuilding, poetry
Trivia He loves reading and writing poetry.

Sir Cruse Before Fame

In 2009, he started uploading videos on YouTube for fun. It showed him, his friends and family goofing around, as well as Cruse flexing his muscles. Bodybuilding, reading and writing poems are among Cruse’s hobbies.  

Two years after posting fun and muscle- flexing videos, he started uploading about his elaborate 360 waves, with tutorials on how to achieve them. He finally caught the world’s attention.

How Did He Get into 360 Waves?

Sir Cruse said he started having interest in “waves” when he was 8 or 9. The rest of the kids in his school also had waves, but Cruse remembered seeing a boy in 6th grade who had the nicest waves he had seen, and who’d obsessively brush his hair. 

Curious about the kid’s enviable curls, Cruse followed him to the toilet and tried the boy’s brush on his hair, thinking his hair will “magically” transform into the best curls, which of course, did not happen. 

Cruse went on with his journey for the perfect waves by combing and brushing his hair as often as he could. When he graduated, he had deep curls on the top and sides of his head. 

His 360- wave obsession took shape around 2008 or 2009, he said, where he took the effort to have a uniquely curly hairstyle by experimenting. Cruse’s wave- building resources were mainly Facebook and some stores that offered tutorials. He was encouraged by the great results and in 2011, with the aim to become the 360 wave authority, started to upload YouTube tutorials.   

Waves fit his smooth personality and lifestyle completely and Cruse said he’d never get rid of his curls until he dies.  Cruse calls his waves as his “religion” and the brush, his “bible”.

What are 360 waves? 

Waves are called such because they resemble oceanic waves or the ripple effect. The 360 wave is named as such because the ripple pattern covers  the whole part of the head (i.e 360 degrees). This hairstyle is fairly common among Latino and African American communities. 

According to 360 “wavers”, there is no such thing as an “instant wave”. Real 360 waves are a product of brushes and combs, hair kits, texturizers, curl enhancing smoothies, pomades and other hair products. Having 360 waves, they said, is a lifestyle, being that it is a process that needs work and effort.  

Sir Cruse’s Most-Watched Videos

His most watched videos are generally wave checks, which shows him reacting to videos of 360 waver neophytes. Sir Cruse’s top video entitled “White Kid Tries To Get 360 Waves! Is He Serious!?” has over 3 million views as of 2020.

The second most watched video, “White Boy Thinks His 360 Waves Is Killing”, shows Cruse poking fun at another young new 360 waver. These popular videos show how the hairstyle, culturally linked to Latinos and African- Americans, is slowly seeping into the Anglo-American culture.

His 2012 tutorial video, ‘How to Get 360 Waves w/Tutorial and Steps’, was the first to cross the 500K viewership.    

Sir Cruse: Hair texture

Cruse’s curly hair is said to be categorized as 3A, described as shiny, with large, loose curls about the size of a chalk. Its great texture is the result of proper long- term hair conditioning and moisturizing.

Sir Cruse: 360 Waver Lifestyle

Those who follow Sir Cruse often notice him wearing durags, wolfing, and using specific hair tools to preserve his curls. These form part of what they call the 360 waver lifestyle. 


Sir Cruse: Wolfing

Colloquially, wolfing means “growing your hair out”, which Sir Cruse often does to preserve his elaborate curls. His hair transformation is often posted on 360 Jeezy’s channel, another YouTuber who cuts Cruse’s hair, usually after several months of wolfing.  

Sir Cruse: Durags and Hair Products 

Durags, also called wave caps, are worn to accelerate wave formation. It also keeps curl patterns from shifting or moving while sleeping.   

Cruse, during his early career, recommended Crown hair brushes, Head and Shoulders shampoo, Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, Xotics Shea glaze,  and a durag from Magic collection. He also has a variety of Wahl hair clippers

Sir Cruse: Controversies

In 2019, Cruse took to YouTube to  express dismay over a person who asked the wave guru to comment on his waves and later struck Cruse on YouTube for video copyright issues. 

A few  months later, while filming on YouTube, his house was burglarized. He seemed not to care. It was not known if the thieves were successful in taking some stuff. 

Sir Cruse’s Girlfriend

Sir Cruse is dating a nurse and fellow YouTuber Jazzy Glimmer, as of mid 2020. They appeared in a video together with Jazzy answering “How it feels like to date Sir Cruse”. In the said video, Glimmer described the visibly- embarrassed Cruse as funny, gentle, sensitive and loving– contrary to the persona he displays on his live wave checks or reaction videos.  

Glimmer confirmed Cruse is obsessed with his hair, going to the bathroom and brushing it all the time. The wave legend also loves to take naps often and adores his mother, according to her.  

Jazzy Glimmer first saw Sir Cruse on Instagram Top Live and YouTube, and she took interest in him. Later, Cruse hired Glimmer to become a moderator for his social media account, and this was how they first hit up. They started dating soon after, in the last quarter of 2019. 


Sir Cruse: Past Relationships  

Sir Cruse bio: Age, real name, girlfriend, net worth, and waves

Apart from his current relationship with Glimmer, Cruse claimed to have had a previous relationship in which he was cheated on. He discussed his past flings in a 2018 video

Cruse once hooked up with a girl named “Nia” through social networking site Tagged around 2007-2008. They met personally in 2010 but did not pursue a relationship. 

Four years  later, Cruse met Bridgette, who he later found out was Nia’s friend, via Facebook. Cruse claimed it was a serious relationship albeit long distance. Months into the relationship, he found out she was cheating on him and they broke off after another man got Bridgette pregnant. 

Sir Cruse Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth 2020 $300K
How Much Did Sir Cruse Earn Last Year? $75K
What Are Sir Cruse’s  Income Sources? YouTube videos, endorsing products, fan interactions
How Much Does Sir Cruse Earn From YouTube? $ 50K
How Much Does Sir Cruse Earn As Product Ambassador? $22K
How Much Does Sir Cruse Earn From Fan Interactions? $3K

How Much Money Does Sir Cruse Make?

According to a website that analyzes YouTube channel statistics,  Sir Cruse earns up to $2.55K monthly. He has netted an estimated total revenue of $165K for his videos over the years.These figures are for his channel that boasts of 32.2M views, 504 videos, with 508k subscribers (as of May 2020).

Cruse asks $15, payable via Cashapp, before responding to direct messages on his Instagram and other social media channels. 

In 2018,Cruse was brand ambassador for So Many Waves hair products. In 2020, he started promoting products made by Apostle Manufacturing Company, which positions itself as the “World’s Most Innovative Grooming Company”.  

Sir Cruse’s Cars?

In at least two videos uploaded by 360Jeezy, Sir Cruse was the subject of hair transformations after wolfing. The video introduction shows Sir Cruse disembarking from luxury cars, like a white Jaguar and a black Dodge Challenger car, both priced more than $60K each.  

It is unknown, though, if Sir Cruse actually owns the said cars.