BEAUTY SECRETS FOR PRETTY WOMEN. Where we go that makes us feel spectacular they are ultra-moisturizing they are like butter and also many stores like power and show and you can see in that type of cream stores they have this ma tequila that is ultra-moisturizing and very rich I use them because I like them apart from the smell I like how.

How can I be a prettiest girl naturally?

I am aware of the smell I like the heavy texture that makes my skin feel ultra-hydrated and makes me look much more beautiful and safe Also there they last me much longer, for example, the self-tanner and my skin feel I realized during the pandemic that far from now I felt very good in terms of my body I do not know about you but suddenly I feel in pain.

If everyone does not feel so agile and I realized that the stretching was incorporated five minutes in the morning at any time it does not even have to be in the morning it can be in the afternoon at any time even in the gym finishing the start with the stretching changes my world and it makes me feel much better, therefore, I look prettier I look more attractive and I think that.


If it is secret women who are highly attractive I do not say it for myself I say it for women Women who are always doing their exercises and stretching that makes it like the secret of eternal youth, you will tell me if it is not true to have that flexibility and that agility is to look better to feel better as it triggers several things they will tell me if it is not.

What should I do for beautiful face?

It is true to put it on here the stretch does not feel better right now lately that I started my stretching routine it changed my life I had like a stage that I stopped exercising I operated on my foot I do not know you already know those who see my blog I know then what happened and well I stopped doing it and starting over was like starting a person who is 15 years older than.

We and now I’m trying to get back to that point where I felt super good that’s how nails are red nails there is something that is the secret of beautiful women red on the nails is associated with sensuality is associated with elegance is associated with attractiveness is associated with safety is associated with evening dresses.

There are so many connotations around the red nails that if immediately if I want to feel groomed I go out of the nude tones and I go to the red ones that is why towards the festive red that is why it is Paloma red Picasso the lips the red are the yes You know that red has a power over us that when we have red nails everything changes like this, girls, red nails have power for women who want to feel attractive and want to always look neat and do not know how to look better good nails always go what you show.

What is the secret to beautiful skin?

When you talk with your hands will automatically be an escape route, what you play will level up and look much more elegant [Music] I have always said that your hands make you look attractive as I told you in the last point and well-groomed hands now if we don’t have nails and we don’t have red ones, well, it’s important to have perfect nails, the little skins for him, I don’t know how to do it. And you say but here they say stepfathers like that, I know they will laugh somewhere it is not said like that but here.

The little old men who are on the sides as they say put it on what country and how do you say well here we say no hangnails come out with dryness autumn begins to be cold and hands begin to dry put cuticle oil you can make a very simple one at home that simply contains olive oil the same portion of olive oil as almond oil put zeal once every 2-3 days three times a week and they will see.

That their hands apart from being much better-taken care of, we will remove the dryness and they will look younger in the hands, you know the hands the faces are the parts that first age that does not have anything wrong, do not take it the wrong way, only that it requires that we take care of them more because how it touches that touches and touches with feeling our hands touch to put.

How can I make my face glow?

It is is easier for the cuticle to ca this take care of them, give them their due care so that they are better even if we work because they are going to put on me is that the base yes yes the voice is that but what do you think used gloves then gloves make the hands much better so girls Put on your milestone oil if you don’t want to buy one, make it home, there are no excuses because if.

The eyebrows because they have become so important they were not served on Instagram that every little bit I received packages with little eyebrow things of all brands because the eyebrows are something important And I think it has to do a lot because the mask the eyes acquired a relevance the mascara shadow you know, not the eyebrows is a great power.



I think that the eyebrows are what frames the face is what marks the look now that we are just talking about looks and less mouth well eyes and eyebrows are very important, for example, what I do to avoid skating because patinated with the eyebrow design and I get two eyebrows don I shouldn’t take an image or design from me is to let a more girl have told me yourself is this lower is even higher a good.

What drink is good for glowing skin?

What did I do I went with a specialist I went with my friend it will be already me I did my eyebrow design and from there I already decided once I had a microblade and right now I am working with eyebrow products and what I do is, for example, the precise slim & brown itself came from benefit, which is a milestone pencil that It is retractable, as you see it, it serves to draw those little quotes or hairs and that.

It looks much more natural than what we did before, you already know how the mud that looks like plaster is with this, they can be super precise and lengthen already on the line that someone professional gave them I think that eyebrows are one of the most difficult things to do well if we don’t have a guide or if we are not experts and that is why.

I think it is important to always visit someone who does the design for them and You can make the small touches, of course, you can help another hack that I use is high brown it is a kind of pencil that what I am going to put here a little bit is to make a kind of light below the eyebrow this light that we put down of the eyebrow makes or we can delineate it in fact so that they look framed and give it depth because let the pencil make the depth and it makes the light and the clarity that makes one see one with the eye much more open and that one looks younger than the eyelid.