Alexandria Zahra Jones, sometimes known as Lexi, is David Bowie’s daughter.

Alexandria Zahra Jones
Alexandria Zahra Jones

Alexandria Zahra Jones is the only child of David Bowie, an English musician and composer, and Iman, a retired American fashion model. Jones became a celebrity and drew public attention without accomplishing anything.

Her mother, Iman, struggled with infertility and almost gave up hope before giving birth to Alexandra aka Lexi. Lexi’s birth was described as a “miracle” by Iman. People spoke about the wonder of birth, she added. The supermodel even tried IVF, but the outcome was unsuccessful. So she considers adoption, and then she falls pregnant, which she considers a miracle.

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Quick Facts

Born Name Alexandra Zahra Jones
Birth Place Manhattan, New York, U.S.A
Birth Date  August 15, 2000
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Parents David Bowie and Iman Mohamed Abudlmajid
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Profession N/A
Boyfriend Tristan Beltrami
Net Worth N/A
Age 18
Sibling Duncan Jones, Zulekha Haywood
Tattoos Yes
Social Instagram

Alexandra Zahra Jones, who is she?

Alexandra Zahra Jones was born on August 15, 2000, in Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York, to David Bowie, a music star, and Iman Mohamed Abudlmajid, a model. Her parents struggled with infertility for a long time before she was born.

Jones’s father helped with her delivery and even cut her umbilical chord. Alexandra’s meaning is ‘defender of mankind,’ while Zahra’s meaning is ‘inner light.’ Alexandra is most commonly referred to as ‘Lexi.’

Alexandra has a half-brother named Zowie Bowie, who is a film director who went by the name Duncan Jones afterwards. Zulekha Haywood is her half-sister from her mother’s previous marriage to NBA player Spencer Haywood.


Alexandra was heartbroken upon the death of her father, David Bowie. His father died of liver cancer in January of 2016. She has inked a crescent moon shape on her forearm with the words ‘Daddy xx1947-2016’ in honour of her father. She even posted a photo of her tattoo on her Instagram account. Aside from that, she has a septum piercing.

Education and Age

Alexandra Zahra is now 18 years old, but will turn nineteen in two months. As a result, we don’t know what her academic qualifications are, but we know she graduated from high school.

Alexandra is also a talented artist. Jones creates the sarcastic images in the sketches. She even posts about it on her social media pages.

She described it as disturbing. Iman linked out the frightening art in which you may view her works. She also has paintings on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Lexi stated, “I’m not selling right now, but I will be shortly!”

Who is Alexandra Zahra Jones Boyfriend?

What are your thoughts? Does she have a partner or is she content with her single status?

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Iman’s daughter is not single; she is over over heads in love with a musician named Tristan Beltrami. Tristan Beltrami is the son of Marco Beltrami, an Oscar-nominated film composer for The Hurt Locker.

Lexi is tight-lipped about her personal life. The specifics of her dating life, including when and how they met, remain a mystery. Despite the fact that we presumed the couple enjoys each other’s company, she has no plans to marry anytime soon.

Estimated Net Worth

Alexandra is presently concentrating on her studies and is not working. Alexandra also makes money by selling her goods, which includes t-shirts, sneakers, shorts, jeans, and more. She is currently living off of her parents’ fortune.

Her mother Iman and father David Bowie have a total net worth of $330 million. Her mother has a $100 million net worth as a former model, actress, and entrepreneur.

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Zahra also generates a lot of money from her social media accounts. Per Instagram post, she makes between $206.25 and $343.75.

The Internet and Social Media

Alexandra Zahra Jones has kept her personal life secret despite being the daughter of a famous. She is only active on Instagram, where she has over 39k followers and over 54k likes on her photos. Her username is @lexi.zahra.

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She is also a dog lover, and she posts a photo of her puppy on Instagram.