Age, Parents, Career, Wife, and Net Worth of James Jagger

It is not necessarily essential to follow in the footsteps of one’s parents in order to succeed in business. Mick Jagger is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector who has consistently provided hits and enthralled audiences. His son, James Jagger, is, on the other hand, doing the same thing and achieving renown in different ways.

Yes, in a unique way. He is a model and actor who is quietly making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Getting to a comparable place as his father is a difficult endeavor, but the beginning is promising. More is still to be unleashed, from marriage to work to personal life. So stick with us to the end.

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Let’s start the presentation with some basic information.

James Jagger: Quick Facts

Full Name James Jagger
Date of Birth 1985/08 /28
Nickname James Jagger
Marital Status Single
Birthplace  USA
Ethnicity White
Age 35
Profession Actor, Model, Musician
Nationality American
Height 6’1″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Build Athletic
Net Worth $1 million
Online Presence Instagram

Who Are James Jagger’s Parents, According to Wiki-Bio?

James Jagger was born in the United States on August 28, 1985. Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall are his parents’ names. There aren’t many readers who haven’t heard of Mick Jagger at some point in their lives. Aside from his parents, James has a large number of siblings. Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, Georgia, Lucas, Deveraux, and others, to name a few. This probably accounts for a large number of businesses throughout childhood.

James is of white ancestry and of American nationality. His zodiac sign is Virgo, which indicates that he is a diligent worker who is also a brilliant artist. On television, there’s no denying that Jagger dazzles the audience.

Body Measurements and Age

James is currently 35 years old. He stands at a height of 6’1″ and weighs an unknown amount. His superb looks go hand in hand with his towering stature. Unfortunately, neither the shoe size nor the dress proportions are known. The barehanded lifestyle expanded to the side of physical measurements as well.

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Being a model turned actor, a nice body physique is surely required, and a strong body suits the guy, which is unquestionably supported by gym activity and a healthy workout. The artist has brown hair and blue eyes, which add to the allure.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Being born into a well-respected family is beneficial to a child’s development, but it also adds to an individual’s stress level. One of the most well-known couples in the profession are his parents. Jagger’s father is a well-known musician, and James’ mother is also a well-known musician. Jerry is a well-known actress. As a result, Jagger had a happy childhood, with all of his needs met.

James did, however, attend Lee Strasberg Institute and obtained all of his instruction from Susan Baston. This alone demonstrates James Jagger’s brilliance.


James, like his father, is working hard to establish himself in the profession. Whether it’s acting, singing, or modeling, the heartthrob is putting his talent to the test in every aspect of the profession. However, his celebrity has not yet approached that of his father.

In terms of singing, though, James is a member of the Turbogeist band. Although it is a lesser-known band, it is certain to have a bright future. After putting his mettle to the test in the song film, he was on his way. Being a part of Sex and Drugs, Rock and Roll, and King’s Head Theatre work is something to be proud of.

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Last but not least, Jagger has worked in the modeling business. His tall stature, along with his superb features, enticed him to pursue a career as a model. The fact that she has appeared on the covers of Vogue and L’Officiel is a plus.

Not only did he appear on the cover of the magazine, but he also walked the runway for Hercules Universia 10th Anniversary, Jimmy Choo, and other designers, boosting his modeling resume significantly. James is slowly but gradually establishing his footing, and we’ll keep readers informed about his new initiatives.


Mick was regarded as one of the most attractive musicians of his generation. His father, without a doubt, had a lot of relationships, but James isn’t like his father. Until now, the model-turned-actor has only had one relationship.

Fortunately, the person in question is Anoushka Sharma. There is no information regarding how they met, however it is known that they married in September 2015. Only family and friends were invited to their wedding ceremony, which was held in private.

Jerry Hall and ex-husband Mick Jagger reunite at son's wedding celebration  after model's surprise marriage to Rupert Murdoch - Mirror Online

Everything was going swimmingly for the pair till they decided to part ways in 2018. The supporters were horrified by the news, but what was destined to happen will inevitably take its place. Following the failure of his love life, the attractive hunk opted to remain single, and no information about a new partner is known at this moment. On the other hand, James may be covertly dating someone, which is quite unlikely.

James Jagger’s Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

James Jagger might be the silver spoon baby, but his determination makes way for his legacy in time. This American actor believes making a name in the industry is with the proper use of skill. His acting and modeling career helped amass $1 million.

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If a father and son comparison is made, Mick possesses $359 million more than James, resulting in a total of $360 million. Being a part of significant projects like Memo of Turner, Don’t Look Back, and State of Shock undoubtedly pays off handsomely. Although there is information on net worth, the general public has no knowledge of yearly income or assets. Whatever the case may be, James is concentrating on his work and living a happy life.

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