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Success doesn’t happen overnight, and even if it does, it won’t last long. Roman Atwood is an excellent illustration of how social media can be beneficial to an individual. In the world of YouTube, Atwood has built a name for herself.

With time, Roman’s talent tends to outshine his peers. His pranks have made the audience laugh out loud and earned him a large number of fans. There’s more to him, and we’ll tell readers all there is to know about his work and personal life.

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Before we get started, here are some basic statistics to aid you with your search.

Roman Atwood: Quick Facts

Full Name Roman Bernard Atwood
Date of Birth 1983/05 /28
Nickname Roman Atwood
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 37
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Height 5’9″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $12 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter, Youtube


Roman Bernard Atwood was born in Ohio on May 28, 1983. Curtis Atwood and Susan Anne Christian are his parents’ names. In addition to his parents, the Youtuber has a younger brother named Dale Atwood.

Roman is of mixed ancestry and American nationality. Gemini is the zodiac sign of the man, and his characteristics indicate that he is adaptable.

Roman Atwood’s Age and Height | How Tall Is He?

Roman is currently 37 years old. He stands at a height of 5’9″ and weighs 68 kgs. His towering stature appears fine, and he has a lovely grin in most of his Youtube videos. Unfortunately, no information regarding essential body data is available.

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Roman has kept a slender figure and a fit body. All of this is the result of consistent gym attendance. His eye color is blue, and he has dark brown hair, despite the lack of information on his shoe and outfit sizes.


Atwood was born in the United States, where he spent his youth with all of his basic requirements met. Roman has always been interested in acting in front of the camera, as seen by his present success.

This well-dressed gentleman is well-educated. Millersport Junior High School was where he finished his education. Despite this, no information on degrees or graduation is accessible. Readers will be informed if something hardcore emerges.


Can readers picture a well-known Youtuber working in the rope industry? So, make your decision, since this is the reality. Roman worked at Atwood Rope, a family company. Things began to alter once a few of the pals got together.

This high-flying career began with the development and sale of the DVD series The Nerd Herd on tour. When a major setback occurred in his career, things seemed to be moving too slowly to be real. The Sketch Empire was founded in the year 2010. Starting this channel was just for the purpose of making comedy videos and making people laugh.

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Plastic Ball, which has received over 86 million views to date, is one of his channel’s most popular pranks. His most popular videos are Anniversary Prank (86 million views) and Killing My Kid Prank (50 million views).

The fact that Nissan GTR used his video for the WithDad Campaign in the trade of a brand new automobile is what made him famous. The Steamy Awards featured this video as part of their presentation.

Aside from his pranks, the man is a gifted musician. His work in films like Natural Born Prankster demonstrates his abilities. Unfortunately, the film did not become a household name, and critics were unimpressed. Roman was inspired to resume his pranks as a result of this.

After earning recognition on YouTube, the Atwood-Yousef pair embarked on the Roman Vs. Fousey tour in 2016. Their performances have been seen throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With each new endeavor, Atwood will get a larger fanbase, which we will inform readers about.


In today’s fame culture, a person who is well-known for his job will definitely launch a brand. Roman has followed a similar trend.

Smile More was Atwood’s first line of products, which he launched in 2013. The major focus of this website is the selling of T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, and a variety of other goods.

It’s not simple to make fun of people. A prankster may face a variety of challenges at any one time. Roman isn’t far behind either. Roman was detained by police in 2014 for a prank.

The squad was allegedly causing fear when they pretended to steal an ATM, according to the Columbus Police Department. This gang was eventually released on bond and called to court. While the matter was being debated, all of Roman’s fans were present and applauded his efforts. The matter was eventually settled, but it received a lot of media attention.

Nominations and Awards

If you’re a fan of YouTubers, you’re probably aware that a talented person isn’t far from winning honors.

Roman was nominated for Pranks in the 4th Steamy Awards in 2014, and he was nominated again in 2016 for Entertainer of the Year in the same category. Atwood has recently earned prizes for his work as a result of his hard work.

In 2015, he won the Nissan brand campaign, as well as the Youtube comic category in 2016. The 8th Shorty Award is the name of this award. As long as Roman continues to pull fresh pranks, there will undoubtedly be more prizes.


Roman discovered a lady who supported her in all aspects of her life, whether it was mental or emotional assistance, when he began a profession in a diverse sector. Atwood met Shanna Riley on November 17, 2001, and they married the following year.

It was a small gathering, with only family and friends invited. Not only does the couple bond, but they are also blessed with children along the road. Their only child was Noah Vaughn Atwood. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2008, and the child remained with Roman.

Atwood met another wonderful woman for his life after they divorced. Britteny Smith was her name. Britteny and Roman were married in July 2018 in front of their family and friends.

They have two children, Kane Atwood (born in 2011) and Cora Atwood (born in 2017), who help to deepen their bond. They had lived a wonderful life up until now, with Roman often making the family laugh. We believe this pair will be together for a long time if there is no rift.

Roman Atwood’s Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

Youtube is a beneficial platform that may assist an individual in achieving fame and money. Roman is also included in this category. Atwood’s net worth is estimated to be $12 million by 2020.

Some publications suggested that he has a net worth of $20 million, however this was not the case. However, when it comes to assets, the individual has a Nissan GTR, which he acquired in exchange for the spoof film. This joker earns $550 every day in terms of income.

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Roman, on the other hand, owns a gorgeous mansion in Ohio that costs $350 thousand dollars. Aside from that, the prankster would certainly do endorsements in his YouTube video, which will increase his net worth. Whatever the situation may be, Roman and his family are clearly enjoying the high life.

Reach on Social Media

Instagram5m followers

Twitter2.9m followers

Youtube10.5m subscribers