5 FASHIONED GARMENTS. A color or with a garment changing an accessory or changing one of the two complementary garments is how we return the outfit Like more autumnal or more summery, let’s say the green it is and René’s frog, I don’t know if you have about the colors that will be used this autumn-winter, if not.

What are fully fashioned garments?

I’m going to leave it for you down here or I’ll put a little card here later on well it is one of the ideal ways of transitioning this green we have used it many times combined in spring and summer because it is a very vivid color and now with this new life of wanting to bring joy again color to our worlds after the pandemic I think it is a great idea to use it as a transition like an autumn garment because.

It can be combined in a monochromatic car we can see it in textures such as skin and textile went and we can also see it until winter, really if the stump is a green coat or if you combine it at any time of the year with jeans you will look spectacular I think it is a very smart way to have a piece that you can buy if you don’t you have and move it to the different seasons simply by changing.


The white pants jeans or to a more formal car by putting green skin for example and making a game of degree of green you can make it so wintery, autumnal or springtime that’s what I like about green the greens are they adapt a lot because there are many shades of green, certainly René the frog is the one that comes the most but we always have to choose the green.

What are the 4 types of clothes?

That best suits us and we can also adapt it perfectly to the season, so that is a very good transition option One of the pieces that I also chose for a transition that is super autumnal and that are very intelligent are the vests, we already saw them last year surely We already have something and the only thing that remains is to adapt it to use it for example with a shirt.

If before you used it as with a dress because now you can use it with a shirt and doing this layering situation is not so cold as to maybe wear a sweater thick and heavy or a jacket or a coat but if suddenly the afternoon is a little cold and I think it is quite strategic to have a vest that apart gives you that look that they say in the US is called the famous smart look.



Which is an intelligent look It is a look a bit of a schoolboy look but it is between the classic and right now it is fashion so I think that these types of vests always come and go, I do not know those who see me who are some years old like me will know that these vests have always been the let’s use them less we use them more but we can adapt them.

What are the five uses of clothes?

If you like with the color you can see yourself with green color with lavender with greens green with roses if you like something more classic well you can see I It is very easy to adapt the vest to all seasons because there are also vests that can be used simply without anything, that is to say, the siss is very high and One uses it as a blouse, so.

I think it is an excellent way to experience the transition, it is an excellent way of autumn bert, it is a smart garment to buy because we can see it in all seasons, apart from the fact that we have already been pulling many trends from last year and we are going to continue pulling many clothes because we use them practically at home and now it is time to wear them a little on the street in some more places in our places less it is still an excellent option for any age, for example, the ‘animal print.

‘I chose a print for you right now an example is an idea that you can also use it perfectly in the transition because if Simply the print on pants can be put on a light blouse and the look is there, there are many people who do not like the print or who do not like the ‘animal print’ this is of taste all the prints are of taste, for example, I have right now balls and if you go to Sara right now.

What are garment standards?

It is full of polka dots and mega points, the patterns are very useful for the transition because they are fun and we can use them with jeans and we can use them with a garment for example with white pants or it would even be seen It is still very summery and if I used it with black pants it would throw more into autumn and winter the patterns are very versatile and as.

They normally come in not so thick fabrics they can be worn they can be brought in layers we can add something smooth on top so that it does not look so much and that it finally covers us the most strategic prints are when we wear them in thin fabrics because or blouses for example pants or so thick because you can make layers, for example, the pants are thin.


Because the Greek a heavier sweater or you add a thin blouse, the ‘animal print’ is very strategic or you can wear it in the print shoes always gives you a back to your closet is to say if you are bored if you are tired of always wearing the same thing because suddenly some other strategic piece makes your world or your wardrobe or your outfits have more flavor and do not look so bland suddenly a person will see With a good print it causes you and it looks good this father has it you do not have something to think about.

What is fully fashioned knitted garments?

It becomes what it says in English they are conversation pieces a conversation piece because they always have something they are in fashion They are not in fashion until a boy is this Big is always something but I think it is also a good way you can take it to the pattern in everything you want now also if you are a more classic person you can wear the not so pattern scandalous, for example.

You can wear it in squares of plaid pants that are ultra classic, they are ultra-modern also because they are also fashionable and are perfect for the transition that they have you play with the high parts you play with a sweater or you play with a blazer or you play with a build and short or the most basic one you have in your wardrobe and lower the temperature there [Music] I always realize that most stores somehow adapt the transition to smart clothes for autumn in lilac the lilac in English in the band the light purples in any of the seasons.