12 BEAUTY SECRETS FOR EVERY WOMAN. When they do not have or cannot invest in appliances or want to simplify their routine before doing anything when I go to the bathroom and want to start my routine I smooth the cold water to think well in many of my videos and say to do that with your skin to improve but there is also the version of using, for example, a warm wet towel to open the pores this helps enormously I think my face has changed a lot and I have felt it much better, you know that.

What is Vogue beauty secrets?

I just had an operation and suddenly I feel dry all of a sudden I do not know there I do not know if it was the anesthesia well this to me It helps a lot to complete my routine having a little bit of this warm wet towel on my face opens up the pores and can create a deeper cleaning a deeper cleaning is a better face her face brighter contrasted with fewer imperfections a face.

That will take a long time to age, we will delay this whole process and we will have a better quality of our skin, it is so important to do these little things or details that they do not do if we are going to have a treatment if it has been fixed that when we are going to do a facial a washcloth I am going to do it, we just have to do many of you have noticed that my hair has grown impressively and the truth is that.


A few months after I started taking the vitamins that already I have shown to you in another good video that is the brand that I use there are special vitamins for hair growth texture that are tied with a foot In general, there will be other specific areas for good hair. I’m going to show you the ones that I use. I take them for a period and then leave them and then take them again, but whenever.

How can I become beautiful?

I start to take my texture, my hair feels better. It feels smoother and it grows a lot and for those who have problems that it does not grow that they feel that their hair is stagnant, they start taking specific vitamins for that I think I do not know if in my beauty routines I have taught them that many times when I have that extra time is to say according to my daughters because it is when.

I have this extra time or when I get up much earlier to be able to do my complete routines you have to massage your face how many times I do not know if they have all fixed these oriental women who teach us face movements and massages with the hard part of our hands, well it is a marvel because it is an alternative to devices that better

We don’t have and that our hands come everywhere with us we can do massages to move all the muscles that our neck has and we can help that we have to put on a serum we have to put some cream so that the slip can be done without wrinkling is about upward movements moving our muscles that we normally do not move and that we feel that we are activating circulation and the production of collagen that we are deflating we are moving to all those parts that we normally do not give that movement if.

What is the real beauty?

Our body is also full of muscles and they need to move this eliminates lot that we have problems in the future with wrinkles at an early age helps us to start our natural shine to return because and moving two of the instruments that I have never stopped using and that I think are a safe tool is my jade roller and my joke I have a video that I saw oy to leave linked here or in the description box that I give you the routine of movements of the WhatsApp or how it is used they are cold stones.

They can also use quartz if they put them in the refrigerator in the car they also serve very well what they do is push by, For example, a routine of creams in the morning or at night is better in the morning because it helps us reduce inflammation and well, they can also do it at night obviously but what is very important is that they use something below so that it also flows.



They are not using their hands can use the jade roller or WhatsApp which is also another alternative this is a technique that has been used for a thousand years in the east we can emulate many of their very good routines and they are very effective they are very natural and they bring out that beauty It is natural that suddenly we have hidden for not spending time 15 10 minutes of beauty and they will see.

How do you get clear skin?

That they will stop visiting to let it be they are going to remove the stress they are going to do something for their self-esteem they sing by the way also this type of roller helps us for example or the WhatsApp to push any of the creams, oil, and coughs among more than we do like a job 2 another type or secret of beauty is also the lips I have taught them.

That is excellent because it has the natural way of keeping our lips hydrated in your people or suddenly, for example, my daughter with a little change in the weather for example and it is already super cloudy I had dry lips, I recommend them on the cosmetic side, the ned Flanders has impressive lip masks that we do not use overnight and that makes us contribute our beauty routines because we are going to work it during the night as well as the next many brands offer lip treatments and that can make

That deep hydration exfoliates a little bit before the lips are Great and give them later to put on this type of mask that I am also going to leave the link to my video in case you do not have the possibility or do not want to buy a product there is also in a natural way the solution I am going to leave you that video which is also super important.

What is glass skin?

Because for example if not if you want to do it in an organic way you can find great masks it is a video that may not have had so many views or so much impact but I think it is a video that is very right because we do not take care of our lips and it is something that we expose every day it is a part that right now we have covered with the masks it deteriorates.

We have to take care of all the parts our girls looking good and feeling good is taking care of everything, not just some of the times I have talked to them that I use white self-tanners but seriously and suddenly when I use the skirt I like to have a slightly more tanned tone. I stay away from the sun 100%, which would be of no use to me but what.


I do tell you is that suddenly to remove the self-tanner, exfoliate us obviously and away also to eliminate those dead cells product everything we have that should not be about On our skin we do this thanks to a brush that can do the dry exfoliation, that is, we use it upwards, we make upward movements and it helps us to fully exfoliate the skin free of heat, the dead ones.

What is glass skin?

That in turn do not help us at all and Give a stir so that the nutrients of the creams that we use or oils enter again well and that also serves for those who self-tan, it helps us a lot because we leave the skin perfectly as receptive again to make an application of autocross j’adore and that the spots are not seen but that is a secret and it is a beauty hub that serves a lot and that even.

If you do not have a self tan there is e do it periodically because in itself we are impregnated or carry dead cells and as well as exfoliating our face we have to exfoliate our skin or the skin of our body and it is a very simple and very easy method when we talk about hair or hair care. been a topic in my hair.